What is The Meebits NFT? - All You Should Know About The Meetbits

    Nov 21, 2022

    Larva Labs sold 9,000 Meebits in 8 hours for approximately 22,500 ETH ($75 million). This makes the initial sale of this NFT collection one of the largest NFT drops to date. The secondary market also heats up then, with certain rare editions selling for close to or more than $1 million. So, what is the Meebits NFT? Continue to read the article below to learn more about the project.

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    What is the Meebits NFT?

    Meebits are Ethereum blockchain-based non-fungible tokens of algorithmically generated 3D-voxel characters.

    The appearance of the 20,000 Meebits NFT characters is inspired by Minecraft characters. They are classified into seven basic types, including humans, pigs, and skeletons. Each NFT has unique characteristics such as tattoos, hats, and glasses. The various traits of Meebits ensure that each is a one-of-a-kind character with demonstrably unique qualities.

    Meebits NFT can be used as social media profile pictures (PFPs) and avatars in the metaverse. Because each NFT comes with an OBJ file, holders who want to add a physical piece of art to their collection can easily 3D-print it.

    What does the Meebits offer holders?

    After knowing "What is the Meebits NFT", you might wonder why Meedbits attract huge attention from the community. So, What are the Meebits NFT's Utilities? Let's learn about how the Meebits project benefits its holders.

    Owner Extras

    Meebits NFT owners have access to an additional asset pack that includes the full 3D model. It can be used to render and animate your Meebit or as your avatar in the metaverse.

    Meebits are 3D NFT avatars that can be used almost anywhere, including in games. They can also be used as avatars in virtual worlds such as Cryptovoxels, Decentraland, and The Sandbox.

    T-Pose Included

    All Meebits owners have access to a T-pose OBJ file, which can be imported into virtually any 3D modelling and animation software.

    High-Resolution Renders

    When you purchase a Meebit, you also gain access to additional asset packs, which include the full 3D model. It includes a T-pose OBJ file that can be imported into most "standard 3D modeling and animation software." You can even animate your NFT with this to make it more fun and exciting.

    The NFT also includes high-resolution, lossless renders that can be used to render a Meebits 3D model. What exactly does this mean? Simply put, rendering allows you to convert your Meebits 3D model into 2D pixel art. You can then use these 2D avatars on social media platforms such as Twitter or Instagram, or even as your profile picture.


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    Why is the Meebits NFT so costly?

    Within a few hours of their launch, the price of Meebits NFTs skyrocketed. So, What could have been the possible causes of this? The answer points to three distinct factors, including:

    • Rarity
    • Brand affiliation
    • Including CryptoPunks owners in the Meebit NFT release

    The high cost of Meebit NFTs stems from their popularity as one of the promising Larva Labs projects for the web3 ecosystem. However, the distinct characteristics of each Meebit NFT, combined with the association with a well-known brand such as Larva Labs, drive their appeal in the existing NFT markets.

    Special features of Meebits NFT

    What is the Meetbits NFT's features? What makes Meedbits outstanding? Meebits is inspired by the pixelated, low-resolution graphic aesthetic popularized by games such as Minecraft and Roblox. The 3D-voxel character set is intended to serve as an ownable avatar for immersive virtual reality environments.

    Meebits of various types, attributes, and rarities can be purchased, sold, and collected. The most common type, human, accounts for 18,881 Meebits, while the rarest type, dissected, accounts for only five of the 20,000 Meebits. The types are, in descending order of rarity, dissected, visitor, skeleton, robot, elephant, pig, and human.

    Along with these seven types, various attribute categories (tattoos, jersey numbers, earrings, necklaces, beards, and so on) distinguish each Meebit NFT and should assist prospective buyers in finding the right Meebit for them.

    Meebit owners also receive an asset pack that includes the full 3D model, a T-pose animation OBJ file, and high-resolution Meebit renders. Owners of Meebits can customize and play with their Meebit character in various games and virtual worlds in the metaverse, or even 3D print a physical model.

    Meebits has its own integrated marketplace that allows for low-fee trading of up to 100 Meebits at once. Trades can be proposed off-chain in the Meebits marketplace using the Meebits Trading Terminal. Fees are only incurred when the proposed trades are completed, which necessitates an on-chain transaction (and gas fees) between the seller and buyer.

    Meetbits NFT Team


    What is the Meebits NFT Team? Meebits NFT is offered by Larva Labs Inc., the creators of the first NFT, CryptoPunks. Larva Labs Inc. was founded in New York in 2005.

    Then, Yuga Labs acquired the CryptoPunks and Meebits IP from Larva Labs in one of the most significant moves by an NFT brand to date. It was later revealed that Larva Labs ultimately decided to sell because it believed Yuga could better meet some of the evolving needs of the NFT community.

    While Yuga Labs stated that it would not rush into any decisions regarding the Larva Labs properties, it did make one major decision right away. It specifically granted all Meebits and CryptoPunks owners full commercial rights to their NFTs.

    Significantly, this is the model most famously advocated by the Bored Ape Yacht Club, and it allows Meebits and CryptoPunks holders to do new and exciting things with their NFTs. The market clearly saw the acquisition as a positive, as the Meebits' value increased immediately after the switch to Yuga Labs.

    Meebits NFT community

    What is the Meebits NFT community? The Meebits' signature 3D voxel style has made them one of the hottest NFTs to drop in recent months. It quickly gained popularity, and the Meebits community eventually established their own DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization) called MeebitsDAO.

    The community's goal is to create a cross-platform metaverse for avatars. As a result, the DAO began as a development fund to support projects that can help it achieve its vision. These funds will be used to purchase land in various virtual worlds for the avatars to inhabit.

    The DAO has received support from Larva Labs developers, who have agreed to serve as advisors. They now have over 6369 Discord members and over 32.7K Twitter followers.


    Yuga Labs has also stated that Meebits' no-fee secondary marketplace, like CryptoPunks, will continue. To be sure, the NFT project is still a testament to the many possibilities that decentralization has opened up, and there will be many more in the future. Hopefully, you now understand "what is the Meebits NFT?" and if you want to learn more about the project, please follow the links below.




    FQAs - What is The Meebits NFT?

    What is the Meebits NFT standard?

    The NFT contract that governs ownership is an ERC-721 standard that can be used with any compatible service or exchange.

    How does Meebits 3D printing work?

    Here's how to 3D print your NFT using Shapeways:

    • Download the.vox file included with your NFT.
    • Insert the model into MagicaVoxel.
    • In MagicaVoxel, you can make any changes you want to the model. You can change the model's color, size, or pattern, and even add more voxels.
    • After making the necessary changes, export the model as an OBJ file, which will result in three files.
    • Upload all three files to Shapeways in a ZIP archive.
    • Now, choose the appropriate size and material.
    • Submit a print order, and you're done! - New NFT Marketplace Project

    NFTciti is the first marketplace to share revenue with NFT creators. It’s built to be easy to use and a joy to explore, whether you’re a longtime NFT enthusiast or a newbie just encountering the blockchain miracle for the first time. On NFTciti, collectors can easily stay updated with the latest information about NFT collections and manage their portfolios with high security. Initially, NFTciti will support Polygon-based NFT, then expand to support other blockchains.



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