Dancing Seahorse NFT - Bring To Ultimate NFT-powered Music Experiences

    Nov 21, 2022

    What if you could receive entry to exclusive concerts, festivals, and clubs powered by NFT around the world? If the mere idea excites you, then Dancing Seahorse NFT is for you. This ambitious Web3 initiative blends virtual benefits with unique real-world experiences. This concept is all about the community, from financial incentives to music festival experiences and a private marketplace. The first Dancing Seahorse NFTs was released on September 19. Let's learn more about the project by reading the article below.


    What is the Dancing Seahorse NFT project?

    Dancing Seahorse NFT  is a collection of Ethereum blockchain-based NFTs with high-quality 3D models. Concentrated on giving members actual value. Dancing Seahorse provides music enthusiasts with access to exclusive, once-in-a-lifetime experiences, as well as a variety of additional benefits and rewards.

    In essence, Dancing Seahorse is an NFT project with exceptional practical utility. Its debut collection consists of 444 "Legendary Seahorses" NFTs in avatar style. In terms of design, each collectible is a 3D 4K render incorporating over 800 hand-modelled characteristics.

    All NFTs have unique rarity scores that confer unexpected benefits on their owners. On September 12th, the collection will be available for $100,000 per piece.

    Surprisingly, a secondary drop has already been planned. Consequently, 8,888 brand-new generative 3D Seahorse NFTs will be created. In addition to the design seen in Legendary Seahorses NFT, these collectibles will feature new apparel and accessories. This collection is titled "Premium Seahorses" and will be available to the general public on October 20.

    Why should we own Dancing Seahorse NFT?

    Dancing Seahorse Los Angeles

    Each Premium Dancing Seahorse NFT holder will first obtain entry to the Dancing Seahorse members-only club. This arena, located on the famous Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles, will attract renowned performances and events.

    According to the organization's founding group, the club is nearly prepared to welcome its members. Three singers with over 50 million fans have already confirmed their attendance. In addition, Legendary Seahorse holders will have VIP access to more exclusive artist performances and events for life.

    Surprisingly, we're just getting started! Over the course of the following year, the creators of the project pledged to establish other clubs throughout the globe. Obviously, Dancing Seahorse NFT holders will have access to each site and be able to interact with other members of the community.

    By the first quarter of 2023, Dancing Seahorse's official cryptocurrency token will be released. Consequently, holders will be able to utilize the token for marketplace transactions, merchandise, and even concert tickets from big record companies.

    Lastly, the Dancing Horse team will contribute 2% of all secondary NFT sales to a community fund. Then, holders of Premium and Legendary NFTs can pick how it will be utilized for their benefit!

    What are the Utilities of Legendary Dancing Seahorse NFT?

    Exclusive Experiences

    A Dancing Seahorse NFT grants access to the world's most incredible IRL experiences. Exclusive access to green rooms, club nights, and after-parties, as well as meet-and-greets with notable musicians and artists. The number of VIP invitations is never-ending.

    A Music-Focused Nft Market

    The marketplace will become the destination for all music-based NFTs when it launches in late 2022. Here, you can buy and sell NFTs from Dancing Seahorse, major and up-and-coming artists, and music industry titans, as well as virtual and real-world event tickets.

    The Club of Dancing Seahorses

    The VIP club is located on the famed Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles. The Dancing Seahorse NFTs provide physical access to the most exciting nightlife in town. Over the next twelve months, we will open clubs and exclusive venues in the world's most exciting locales. So that you will have an unforgettable night out, regardless of where you are.


    A Crypto Token

    In the first quarter of 2023, the Dancing Seahorse NFT ecosystem will launch its own Ethereum-based cryptocurrency token.

    This token can be used for sales and purchases on our marketplace, as well as for the purchase of IRL merchandise, tickets, and consumables from major artists and record labels.

    As a holder of the Dancing Seahorse NFT, you will receive Crypto token for all brand-related activities.

    Who is the team behind the Dancing Seahorse NFT project?

    Without a formidable founding group, an endeavour as ambitious as Dancing Seahorse would be impossible.

    Core Team

    The dancing Seahorse NFT project has a large team of specialists with Web3 and Music expertise. Our highly visible team has developed a variety of Web3 projects and provided creative services for high-end luxury brands. The team has previously formed alliances with Universal Music, Sony, and Warner Music, which represent some of the most prominent companies in the media, entertainment, and technology industries. Included in this are FOX, Drai's, and Bento Box Entertainment.

    There are currently over thirty specialists working to perfect the project. Alex Nahai and Andy Nematalia, the project's CEOs, have years of experience in the music and technology industries to realize their vision.

    The Dancing Seahorse NFT team will continue to build and develop the utility, but will also ensure that the Web3 community's artists, musicians, and fans benefit from increased accessibility, development, and support.

    The team aims to make Web3 accessible to a larger audience in order to demonstrate how technology and community can influence the future of the music industry.



    he project's primary partners are Adaptive Media, Velvet Badger, Cradle Block, and StreamLine. Adaptive Media is about the development of the Marketplace and Crypto Tokens, Velvet Badger specializes in the creative brand approach, Cradle Block is about blockchain technology, and StreamLine is about its global music streaming capabilities.


    That is about the Dancing Seahorse NFT project. It is hoped that you learn many interesting insights about the project. If you have interested in Dancing Seahorse NFT, make sure to follow the project via Twitter and join their Discord channel for exclusive updates!




    FQAs - Dancing Seahorse NFT

    What Are The Exclusive Experiences of Dancing Seahorse NFT?

    VIP tickets and experiences will grant Dancing Seahorse members access to concerts, festivals, and clubs around the globe. Each event will be customized for Legendary or Premium members, granting them access to backstage, green rooms, and after-parties, as well as the opportunity to mingle with some of the most prominent artists in the world. In addition, members will receive lifetime access to our permanent club on Hollywood Boulevard and many other locations around the globe.

    When Are The Legendary And Premium Collections released?

    The 444 Legendary collection for Mint was released on September 19, 2022, displaying the extremely detailed 4k artwork for September 30, 2022.

    Premium whitelist spots have already begun, with the Premium collection Mint launching on November 3rd and a December 5th, 2022 reveal confirmed. - New NFT Marketplace Project

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