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    Nov 22, 2022

    If you're a fan of NFT, you've probably noticed the buzz surrounding y00ts. Since launching, y00ts NFT has caused a fever in the NFT lover community. Need to know more? In this article, will explain "what are y00ts NFTs" and cover all about the y00ts collection.

    What are y00ts NFTs?


    Y00ts is a Solana blockchain NFT collection created by the same developers as DeGods and Dust Labs. Duppies were the original concept before y00ts. The team announced the expected Duppies in early July 2022.

    The NFT collection y00ts is centred on a sheep avatar, with layers of metadata to give y00ts their distinct characteristics. This collection contains 15,000 NFTs, each of which can be minted for 375 DUST tokens.

    Why Are y00ts NFTs So Valuable?

    After knowing about “what are y00ts NFTs”, you might wonder why y00ts NFT is so costly. When you visit the website, you'll notice that applications for scholarships to mint y00ts NFTs are no longer being accepted.

    That popularity stems in part from the founders' previous projects' success. Frank and Kevin's transparency on Twitter also helps. Not only that, but y00ts stands out for its exclusive focus on PFPs and its attempt to change the copyright game. PFP projects are frequently afterthoughts in larger projects. That is not the case here. So, What are the unique features of y00ts NFT?

    y00ts Store

    The y00ts store is a marketplace where PFP holders can customize their avatar traits. Artists who create them can earn royalties from the sale of their traits. Of course, artists have the option of making the trait free of charge.

    It is important to note that access to the store will not be automatic. Instead, you must stake a y00ts NFT for 30 days before receiving the y token, which allows you to shop.

    Customizing y00ts

    How is y00ts NFT customized? Each PFP will be highly personalized. Someone who wants to make a custom y00ts trait can submit it for approval. However, there are some limitations as follows.

    • The new trait must match the dimensions of the original; for example, a halter top cannot be transformed into a coat.
    • The trait must be identifiable by the original metadata tag (for example, a tiara cannot be transformed into a graduation cap).
    • Hate speech or pornographic images are not acceptable traits.
    • Traits cannot use the intellectual property (IP) of others.
    • The traits' quality must match that of the collection.
    • Creators who have their traits approved will own the IP (y00ts copyright).

    Screen Shot 2022-11-22 at 14.36.39.png

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    How to Earn Money with ⓨ

    What are benefits of y00ts NFTs? There are two notable methods for making money with ⓨ. The obvious one is being an artist. Non-artists, fortunately, can also make money.

    How an artist can Earn Money

    The creator owns the license once a trait has been approved. That means they can set their own prices, accept SOL or DUST (the DeGods community token), and earn 5% on every sale. If they want, they can even sell the license in its entirety. It is worth noting that the DUST Protocol states that the DUST token has no monetary value. Instead, the free market determines the price of the token. One DUST token is currently worth approximately $1.51.

    Artists can also choose the quantity available, giving them control over supply and, hopefully, increasing demand for rare characteristics.

    The good times don't stop there. Designers can also create fashion brands for the collection and apply them to a variety of traits.

    Last but not least, artists will be able to work on paid commissions for y00ts holders.


    How a Non-Artist can Earn Money

    Artists should not be allowed to have all of the financial fun. Fortunately, enterprising people can make a lot of money without learning a single skill.

    For the next six months, users will be able to create traits. The y00ts store will no longer accept them after that. Once that occurs, holders will be able to divide their y00ts into parts. They will then be able to sell the individual items, which will be in short supply. Holders of y00ts can also trade for other traits.

    Non-artists can also form y00ts clubs, which are sub-communities based on commissions for custom sets of traits. All they have to do is choose an artist from the y00ts store. Holders can then use y to register their clubs and add their own logos.

    The y00ts developers envision clubs centred on memes and shared interests, but y00ts holders will undoubtedly surprise them.

    All traits within a registered club are protected by one y00ts copyright, allowing the club's creator to monetize the entire sub-community. They'll get a cut of every y00ts sale of a trait from their club. Alternatively, club owners can sell the rights to DUST or SOL traits.

    y00ts NFTs Breakdown

    What is y00ts NFTs 's structure? This is the general distribution of y00ts' rarity structure, plus or minus a few percentage points. It includes 90% common, 9% rare, 1% unique (1/1) with double stakes for owners of DeadGods and y00ts.

    Where to Buy/Mint y00ts NFTs

    y00t NFTs Takes Crypto By Storm

    Scholarship recipients were the first to get their hands on y00ts. Minting cost them 375 DUST (currently around $725, though the value was higher at launch), the DeGods system's native token. There were originally 15,000 NFTs available, but many have since been minted.

    Despite the fact that scholarship winners had first dibs on y00ts, they weren't the only ones. DeGods owners had a chance as well. Fortunately, the rest of us have options as well.

    If you can't find a y00ts NFT in the primary market, you can always look in the secondary market. Magic Eden, Solana's top NFT market, is an especially good choice. Another popular platform where you can find these NFTs is OpenSea. Rarible has expanded its selection as well.


    The y00ts project has the potential to put Solana on the map in terms of NFTs, as it is currently second fiddle to Ethereum-based NFT collections. Furthermore, y00ts intends to implement its common-sense version of copyright and ownership for NFTs, which could result in some exciting results as creators and NFT supporters continue to push the technology's boundaries.

    That is all information about the y00ts NFTs project, we hope you have already found the answer to “What are y00ts NFTs”.

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    Common Questions - What are y00ts NFTs

    Who is behind the y00ts NFT?

    This NFT project was developed by Dust Labs, who are also responsible for the DeGods NFT collection that recently reached an all-time price high in SOL.

    How many y00ts exist?

    The y00ts collection comprises 15,000 unique profile pictures, each with a unique combination of design characteristics.

    What is the y00ts scholarship?

    Scholarships are a method for controlling allowlist places. Those on the y00tlist have merit-based access to the hottest mints. - New NFT Marketplace Project

    NFTciti is the first marketplace to share revenue with NFT creators. It’s built to be easy to use and a joy to explore, whether you’re a longtime NFT enthusiast or a newbie just encountering the blockchain miracle for the first time. On NFTciti, collectors can easily stay updated with the latest information about NFT collections and manage their portfolios with high security. Initially, NFTciti will support Polygon-based NFT, then expand to support other blockchains.



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