What is Pudgy Penguins NFT?- About A Special Penguins NFT collection

    Nov 17, 2022

    In the wide world of NFTs and crypto, Volatility isn't always just volatility; occasionally, sharp increases in a digital asset's value may indicate future, sustainable growth. That is the situation with Pudgy Penguins NFT. Then, What Is Pudgy Penguins NFT? Learn more about that unique NFT collection by reading this article.

    What is Pudgy Penguins NFT?

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    Pudgy Penguins is an 8888 NFT collection that waddles through Web3. Pudgy Penguins are a beacon of positivity in the NFT Space, embodying empathy and compassion. Each holder has access to exclusive experiences, events, and more. Join the Huddle and help to spread joy across the meta, one penguin at a time. The launch date of Pudgy Penguins is July 2021.

    The penguin avatars were an instant hit, selling out in less than 19 minutes. At the time, some of the collection's rare NFTs fetched as much as $463,500. Furthermore, celebrity collectors include NBA All-Star Steph Curry and Canadian rapper Tory Lanez.

    How does Pudgy Penguins work?

    To create a Pudgy Penguin NFT , ERC20-compliant tokens are required. After obtaining the tokens, a one-of-a-kind NFT creation tool is used to create an NFT displaying ownership of the tokens. Following that, the Penguin is stored on the blockchain in a trustworthy wallet, where anyone with the necessary permissions can access it.

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    Pudgy Penguins Utility

    Genesis Pudgy Penguin owners have received benefits such as event access, NFT airdrops, and merchandise. Each owner could have both a Lil Pudgys NFT and a Pudgy Rod. A few owners also attended the F1 Yacht Party in Miami.

    How do I buy NFT?

    First, decide where you want to buy them, and OpenSea is ready to go, so you can get them there. Then you must open an account with Coinbase or Gemini, fund your account

    Pudgy Penguins & controversy

    Pudgy Penguins NFT received immediate attention and praise; however, the hype faded when the community voted the founders out in January 2022.

    Cole Thereum, the founder, initially promised a token, a game, an NFTs-based educational book, and other things but never delivered on any of them. However, he eventually emptied the treasury of funds. Later, it was discovered that he was involved in a number of scams that resulted in the floor prices being reduced.

    @9x9x9, an NFT owner of several Penguins, tweeted that he had been offered IP rights for 888 ETH. Things got even worse when NFT owners were not notified of anything.

    The comeback

    Schnetzler expressed his appreciation for the artwork and the concept behind Pudgy Penguins NFT, which prompted him to purchase it.

    The new team revealed their strategy for transforming Pudgy Penguins into a Web3 brand through events, merchandise, and new experiences, which caused the floor prices to skyrocket.

    Pudgy Penguins NFT has announced the release of Pudgy Toys, which are physical stuffed toys designed by PMI. To receive a stuffed toy of their NFT, owners will share the IP license. Luca made the first reveal, which sparked a lot of interest in the collection among NFT fans.

    Team and backers of Pudgy Penguins NFT

    Who is behind Pudgy Penguins NFT? Let’s learn more about the team behind the incredible project.

    Core Team

    Clayton Patterson (aka "mrtubby"), Mickyj, Jonah, and Cole Villemain (aka ColeTherium) are the original creators of the Pudgy Penguins NFT project, all of whom are college students. One of the primary reasons for the project's initial success was the numerous promises made by the founding team. The roadmap was quite tempting, with everything from a native token to a children's book and a metaverse game. Unfortunately, the founders not only failed to deliver on their many promises, but also allegedly attempted to steal the project funds.


    The Pudgy Penguins team includes members from well-known companies such as Nansen, Meta, and Saks Fifth Avenue. The project also has its own NFT trading platform, Pudgy Marketplace, as well as its own token, $penguPins.

    Pudgy Penguins Roadmap


    Speculations have been swirling since the community released a mysterious Antarctic map. Many people believe that the map resembles a metaverse in the making.

    Moving forward, the team will maintain its education platform in order to connect with projects and people not only within the NFT world, but also beyond it.

    Pudgy Penguins are the work of designers, thinkers, builders, and operators. The collection, which debuted on July 22, 2021, was priced at 0.03 ETH per item and sold out in less than 20 minutes.

    The collection was launched with the intention of establishing Web3 as a brand. Pudgy Penguins has become an elite NFT project in 2022 thanks to its creative and advanced community.


    The below article is all the basic information about Pudgy Penguins NFT. Hopefully, you are clear about “what is Pudgy Penguins NFT?” For deeper insights, you can access the links below.





    FQAs - What is Pudgy Penguins NFT?

    What are Pudgy Penguins?

    They are a group of 8,888 NFTs stored on the Ethereum block. The initial mint has long since sold out. However, the secondary market on NFT marketplaces such as OpenSea is quite active. Following its release, the community was so enthusiastic that one collector paid 225 ETH for their penguin in September 2021, which was nearly $1 million at the time.

    How can I obtain the Pudgy Penguins NFT?

    You must first fund your wallet with a cryptocurrency before searching for the NFT on OpenSea. Transfer the cryptocurrency to a Web3-based wallet to obtain the Pudgy Penguins NFT. - New NFT Marketplace Project

    NFTciti is the first marketplace to share revenue with NFT creators. It’s built to be easy to use and a joy to explore, whether you’re a longtime NFT enthusiast or a newbie just encountering the blockchain miracle for the first time. On NFTciti, collectors can easily stay updated with the latest information about NFT collections and manage their portfolios with high security. Initially, NFTciti will support Polygon-based NFT, then expand to support other blockchains.



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