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    Nov 20, 2022

    Metaverse, blockchain games and Play to Earn mechanism are trends that have received great attention from the community. What will happen if these trends combine? Highstreet - a project with an interesting combination between Gaming and the Metaverse. So what is Highstreet? Let's find out with below.

    What is Highstreet?


    Highstreet (HIGH) is a platform that combines Gaming, NFT Marketplace and the Metaverse universe, built and developed using blockchain technology. The Highstreet project is inspired by the concept of Shopify (a platform that allows users to participate in opening a shop and selling their products) and MMOPRG game (Role-playing game for many users to interact with each other in a single world). virtual).

    The difference of Highstreet from current blockchain games is that the business items in Highstreet's world come from real-world brands. In addition, users can immerse themselves in the virtual space of Highstreet by using VR glasses to increase the gaming experience more vividly.

    The Highstreet universe consists of islands built by real-world brands and partners. On each island there are different populations and products sold. All of these assets exist as NFTs. Besides playing games, users can earn extra income by completing daily tasks of the game or buying and selling NFT items on the project's NFT Marketplace.

    What are the main features of the Highstreet project?

    After having information about what is Highstreet project, we will find out the salient features of this project.


    Utilities in the world of Highstreet

    • Trade NFT items and assets in the game. These NFTs are the products of real-world brands
    • Buy virtual real estate and rent it out to others for business purposes
    • Own the islands and vote for the utility services the owner wants to have on his island
    • Play games, experience the lands created by the player's imagination through VR
    • Complete quests with increasing difficulty to prove your strength and ability, and earn profits through playing the game.
    • In particular, when experiencing the Metaverse world through VR virtual reality glasses, it will help users get a true experience like never before.

    NFT Hibrid

    Highsteet offers users two options when it comes to purchasing NFT assets: Reality and Virtual Reality from the brands they love. Users can purchase a real-world limited edition shirt in the world of Highstreet.

    Instant Liquidity

    Typically, when trading an NFT product, a user will have to purchase an asset with relatively low liquidity. However, Highstreet can solve this problem by providing a solution called Street Smart Bonding Curves. This solution allows users to buy and sell products at prices closest to their value with high liquidity.

    Product quality

    Products sold in Highstreet's world are directly linked to real-world brands, so product authenticity is guaranteed. Issues related to origin, forgery or missing information will no longer be a concern of users.

    Above are all the utilities to answer the question of what are the utilities in the Highstreet world.

    Detailed information about Highstreet Tokens

    After understanding what is Highstreet network, let's find out what is the information surrounding the 2 tokens used in the Highstreet ecosystem.


    The Highstreet ecosystem has two main tokens, HIGH and STREET. In which, the total supply of HIGH token is fixed, STREET token has the ability to customize depending on the proportion of participants and arising.

    Information about HIGH token

    Below is information about the HIGH token.


    Key Metrics

    • Token Name: Highstreet.
    • Ticker: HIGH.
    • Blockchain: Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain.
    • Standard Tokens: ERC-20, BEP-20.
    • Contract:
    • ETH: 0x71Ab77b7dbB4fa7e017BC15090b21632214220282.
    • BSC: 0x5f4bde007dc06b867f86ebfe4802e34a1ffeed63.
    • Token Type: Governance, Utility.
    • Total Supply:
    • 100,000,000 HIGH on Ethereum.
    • 2,014,744 HIGH on Binance Smart Chain.
    • Circulating Supply: Updating...

    Token Allocation

    HIGH Tokens with a total supply of 100,000,000 tokens will be distributed as follows:

    • Treasury and Community/Marketing: 57.5%.
    • Investors: 30%.
    • Team: 10%.
    • Public Sale: 1.5%.
    • Equity/Airdrop: 1%.

    Token Use Case


    HIGH tokens are used in the following cases:

    • Governance: HIGH token holders can participate in proposals and vote on decisions on future Highstreet features.
    • Means of payment: HIGH tokens are used as a means of payment for services such as purchasing limited items on the NFT Marketplace, paying for in-game plots.
    • Staking: User can do Staking HIGH to receive commission fee from that transaction. Besides, users can also stake to have the right to sell in-game items.

    Information about STREET token

    Here is the information about STREET token

    Key Metrics

    • Token Name: STREET token (Street Creds).
    • Ticker: STREET.
    • Blockchain: Updating...
    • Token Standard: Updating...
    • Contract: Updating...
    • Token Type: Utility.
    • Total Supply: + STREET
    • Circulating Supply: Updating...

    Token Use Case

    STREET token holders can use tokens in the following cases:

    • Facilitate Commerce: After the user enters the Solera continent, STREET will be the main transaction currency that allows the user to purchase items from NPC Fomo Duck representing brands, from transactions between users.
    • In-game Entertainment: STREET will be available to bet on the next song in Highstreet clubs.



    Highstreet has a fairly specific road map to deploy for operations in the fourth quarter and 2022. So what is Highstreet's roadmap?


    • Launching Staking feature
    • Start rolling out the Alpha Highstreet Christmas Teaser.
    • Conduct Private Alpha phase 2.
    • Deploying the sale of Highstreet Land.


    • NFT Highstreet Drop with Jonathan Koon Highstreet.
    • Conduct IHO Highstreet World Open Public Alpha.


    • Launch test version on smart mobile phones.
    • Integrating partnership content for the first time on the Highstreet universe

    Team, investors


    Information related to Highstreet's team has not been specifically disclosed. However, it is known that team members have worked together for 6 years at a VR technology company called LumiereVR.


    Highstreet received huge funding from funds such as Morningstar Ventures NEO Global Capital, Huobi Ventures, GBV, etc.



    Above is all information about the Metaverse Highstreet project. Through this brief article, believes that you have gained a lot of useful knowledge about what is Highstreet project. If you have any questions about what is Highstreet, don't forget to send us a question for the fastest response.

    Disclaimer: This article is intended to provide information about what is Highstreet project. This article is not investment advice.

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    FAQs - What is Highstreet in crypto?

    What is Highstreet's competitor?

    Highstreet's competitors are current Metaverse projects such as Decentraland, The Sandbox, Star Atlas...

    Which exchange is STREET token sold on?

    STREET is a token for gaming purposes and has not been listed on any exchange for trading.

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