What is Cool cat NFT? Basic Information about Cool cat NFT Collection

    Nov 16, 2022

    The Cool cat NFT project and the surrounding community have grown significantly since its launch in July 2021, and the project is frequently regarded as one of the 2021 "blue-chip" NFTs in its early stages. So, what is Cool cat NFT? Continue reading to find out the answer.


    What is Cool cats NFT?

    The Cool Cats NFT project is one of the most exciting and popular NFT brands. It is a set of 9,999 NFTs generated programmatically and randomly. Each Cool Cat NFT, like its predecessors such as CryptoPunks, has a number of distinct characteristics. In the end, there are over 300,000 possible combinations of unique bodies, faces, facial hair, hats, glasses, clothing items, etc. According to OpenSea's ranking charts, the collection quickly rose to the third spot in terms of both popularity and sales volume after it debuted in July 2021. The NFT collection finished third, trailing only the Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) and CryptoPunks. Although the Cool Cats NFTs have since slipped a little lower in the rankings, the collection consistently ranks in the top 20 generative avatar projects.

    In fact, Cool Cats' total trade volume is now approaching $300 million.

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    Why is Cool Cats NFT so valuable?

    Cool Cats collection first sold 300 PFP NFTs. The price was then reduced to 0.02 ETH per mint (approximately $50). It sold out within eight hours. The project would soon take off across the NFT ecosystem. The price of the NFTs quickly rose to 0.66 ETH (approximately $1,000).

    PFP Trend

    Cool Cats followed in close proximity to the Bored Ape Yacht Club, following the PFP trend. While BAYC was undoubtedly the catalyst for the profile-picture (PFP) NFT boom that occurred in the summer of 2021, Cool Cats played an important role in leading the all-out avatar bullrun.

    Huge Endorsement

    Cool Cats received a huge endorsement from Mike Tyson only eight days after its launch. By changing his Twitter PFP to a Cool Cat, the boxing legend helped solidify both himself and Cool Cats as important members of the NFT community. Today's notable Cool Cats owners include actress Reese Witherspoon, Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian, and DJ Steve Aoki.


    All Cool Cats are created unequal. In reality, some are much cooler (i.e., rarer) than others. About half of the Cool Cat NFTs have a basic degree of "cool," which means they are worth three or four points. As shown in the chart below, some Cats are "wild," "classy," and even "exotic." While this ranking system is reminiscent of CryptoPunks and even CryptoSkulls, any Cool Cats community member will gladly tell you that every cat is a Cool Cat.

    Why should we own Cool cats NFT?


    "We like the Cats" is Cool Cats' official slogan. The collective Cool Cats ethos of positivity and enthusiasm was quickly established as trading began to pick up and NFT enthusiasts began to become bullish (confident due to factors such as rising prices and increasing celebrity support) on the project. One of the project's main offerings is a community centred on positivity.

    As a PFP NFT project, Cool Cats became all about community.

    The Cooltopia was created to extend a warm welcome to anyone who joins the Cool Cats universe. In a nutshell, Cooltopia is the entire Cool Cats ecosystem, including the official Twitter, the Discord server, the Cool Shop and marketplace, and so on. The creators basically took their entire ecosystem and tried to turn it into a gamified NFT experience that connects all Cool Cat NFT owners.

    In that regard, owning one of the thousands of Cool Cats PFPs comes with a slew of benefits. Holders receive not only an exclusive role in Discord but also airdrops, and priority minting for the next collections. This allows holders to access online and live Cool Cats events, and a non-exclusive license to the NFT they own.

    According to the Cool Cats website, they return 20% of all ETH raised to their community through raffles, contests, and other means. Cool Cats essentially wants to give buyers a voice and a genuine place in their community.

    Cool Cats' non-exclusive license helped to avoid the usual issues of users. Holders have the freedom to do whatever they want with their Cool Cat NFTs. The Cool Cats creators reserve the right to use any Cool Cat in their 10,000 NFT collection for merch and marketing.

    And, in August 2021, Cool Cats announced its first major partnership, demonstrating the flexibility granted to project developers and NFT holders by the non-exclusive license. The collaboration, which included 100 TIME-branded editions of Xtremetom, Lynoid, ELU, and clon's signature cats, coincided with a meme competition and started an upward trend in Cool Cats secondary sales.

    coolcat NFT thumbnail (1).png

    What are Cool Pets?

    The Cool Cats ecosystem (AKA Cooltopia) exploded in September 2021 with the announcement of two things: Cool Pets and the $MILK token. These two announcements boosted secondary sales, even more, putting the Cool Cats floor in double digits for the first time.

    Cool Pets is a companion NFT series to the PFPs Cool Cats. Collections such as the Bored Ape Kennel Club, KingFrogs, and Thingies have helped popular projects capitalize on demand and expand their collector base, and Cool Cats appear to be following suit with their Pets.

    Cool Pets contains 19,999 NFTs, half of which are reserved for Cool Cats holders and the other half for public sale. Every Pet begins as an Egg and evolves into a final form that represents one of four elements: Grass, Fire, Water, or Air. The food and items given to an Egg determine its appearance and element.

    Items are obtained from loot crates purchased with $MILK from the Cool Cats Marketplace. Daily quests with your Cool Pet can earn you $MILK. There are over 100 quests to choose from, including fan favourites like Save the Forest, Go Greet the Frogs, Sniff for Danger, and Get to Know the Townsfolk, etc. If you have a Cool Cat, you can earn $MILK every day by claiming it.

    What is the $MILK token?


    $MILK is the Cool Cats ecosystem's social token. $MILK is required for a variety of purposes, including purchasing Pet chests, Battle chests, Housing chests, participating in Quests, and future gamification.

    The announcement of $MILK also spawned a new Cool Cats phenomenon: the milk chug. In celebration of the rising floor and the token announcement, developers and community members of Cool Cats began posting videos of themselves drinking anywhere from a little glass to a gallon of milk.

    The Team C Cool Cats NFT

    The Cool Cats project was founded by 4 members who have great interests in art and cryptocurrency.

    Clon is the Cartoonist who is the primary illustrator and originator of the project.

    Tom is in charge of smart contracts and technical interfaces.

    Lynq has the responsibility of building and maintaining the website.

    ELU is the Creative direction lead, as well as marketing, and project management.


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    FQAs - What is Cool Cat NFT

    How do I get Cool Cat NFTs?

    Cool Cats are currently only available on secondary markets like OpenSea, Rarible, NFTciti, etc. The starting price for a Cool Cat in November 2022 is 1.8 ETH.

    Is NFT Cool Cat a good investment?

    There are dozens of these projects, and one of the most successful is Cool Cats. Cool Cats is the market's ninth most profitable NFT project, with $170 million in sales. The project is made up of 9,999 computer-generated NFTs on the Ethereum blockchain. - New NFT Marketplace Project

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