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    Sep 14, 2022

    To revive the original Bitcoin, the cryptocurrency known as Bitcoin SV (symbol: BSV) was developed. as intended by Satoshi Nakamoto, the man behind the alias. In contrast to Bitcoin, some of the important characteristics stated in Nakamoto's initial white paper are still lacking in Bitcoin SV.

    Let's continue our conversation about the currencies and tokens offered by Market247 by learning more about what is Bitcoin SV (BSV).


    What Is Bitcoin SV?

    Let's first understand the concept of what is Bitcoin SV (BSV).


    Following a hard split in the Bitcoin Cash network, the blockchain known as Bitcoin SV was produced. Its base cryptocurrency is BSV, which is what it stands for: Bitcoin Satoshi Vision.

    The protocol behind BSV is said to be exactly what Satoshi Nakamoto had in mind, according to the blockchain's developer Craig Wright, who also gave it its name.

    This cryptocurrency functions similarly to its forerunners Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). The proof of work (PoW) protocol is also used by Bitcoin SV to verify transactions. Bitcoin SV has a maximum quantity of 21 million tokens, and mining difficulty is half at the same pace as BTC and BCH. The biggest distinction is its block size, which is significantly larger than that of the two preceding blockchains.

    How Bitcoin SV Works

    To better understand What is Bitcoin SV (BSV), let's discover how BSV works.

    The proof-of-work (PoW) algorithm is the same one used by Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash. As a result, for each transaction they confirm on the Bitcoin SV network, miners receive some BSV as block rewards.

    Every new block includes fresh transaction information as well as a hash of the preceding block. Transaction processing is substantially faster on the Bitcoin SV blockchain since there is almost no hard cap on block size.

    Basic information about what is Bitcoin SV (BSV)

    • Ticker: BSV
    • Blockchain: Bitcoin Satoshi Vision
    • Type Token: Coin, Mineable
    • Consensus: Proof of Work (PoW)
    • Algorithm: SHA-256
    • Block Time: 10 phút
    • Transaction Time: 225 TPS
    • Block Reward: 12.5 BSV per block
    • Total Supply: 21,000,000 BSV
    • Circulating Supply: 18,116,002 BSV

    Bitcoin SV vs Bitcoin Cash

    What are the differences between Bitcoin SV and Bitcoin Cash after knowing about What is Bitcoin SV (BSV)? Market247 has listed various distinctions between BSV and BCH below:


    The biggest distinction is that Bitcoin SV's block size is significantly greater than Bitcoin Cash's.

    More room to execute transactions makes Bitcoin SV's transaction speed faster since the higher block size makes it possible to store more data in a block.

    Since then, Bitcoin SV's transaction cost has been extremely low.

    Application of Bitcoin SV (BSV)

    Let's find out below what uses BSV has after understanding more about what is Bitcoin SV.

    BSV is designed for use within the Bitcoin SV network and ecosystem, including:


    BSV is used to pay transaction fees in the Bitcoin SV network. This fee is currently quite cheap, only about $0.0007.


    When a new block is mined on the Bitcoin SV network, miners get BSV as a block reward.

    This block reward, which is now 12.5 BSV every block, will be cut in half once Bitcoin SV does the Halving in 2020.


    BSV is also accepted as payment by partners in stores, where it is utilized as money.

    The number of merchants that now accept BSV has not been precisely counted.

    Bitcoin SV Price Prediction: Is BSV a Smart Investment?

    The primary rival of Bitcoin SV, Bitcoin, continues to be the most widely used cryptocurrency worldwide. In terms of branding and image, Bitcoin is essentially unbeatable. However, Bitcoin SV may perform better than many other cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin Cash, as a means of crypto payment.


    Because BSV has a solution to the scalability problem, which affects numerous blockchains in the cryptocurrency market in addition to Bitcoin, its value is expected to increase over the next years. Bitcoin SV could actually be a viable rival to credit card corporations that impose excessive fees because it processes transactions swiftly and charges negligible transaction costs of less than half a penny.

    Additionally, as the world becomes more environmentally concerned, Bitcoin SV is projected to appeal to a wider audience than Bitcoin since it is energy-efficient and is seen as a green technology.

    Disclaimer: This article is only a sharing on the subject of What is Bitcoin SV (BSV): it does not endorse any particular company, service, or product. It makes no prior recommendations for trading.


    No matter how much Bitcoin's value increases, its use cases will never be able to match those of BSV because of BSV's greater block size, which allows for quicker transaction speeds and cheaper transaction costs. Given the enormous potential of Bitcoin SV, it would be a smart idea to invest in the network now, while it's still developing. Because the network can grow well as a green technology, the long-term bullish outlook for BSV is generally positive. It's time to take another look at Bitcoin SV if you've never thought it would make a good investment.

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    What is Bitcoin SV - FAQs

    How many transactions can Bitcoin SV handle?

    Theoretically allowing for 10,000–15,000 transactions per second on-chain.

    How long does Bitcoin SV take?

    The production of one block for a transaction in Bitcoin SV can take as little as ten minutes. However, irreversibility requires 20–40 layers of blocks, therefore the safe transaction time is 200–400 minutes.

    Is Bitcoin SV limited supply? The 21 million coins that make up the total supply of Bitcoin are produced through a process known as mining.

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