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    Aug 17, 2022

    Every day that goes by, more people are getting familiar with cryptocurrencies. Other powerful challengers that employ various technologies are entering the crypto arena as more people across the world become familiar with digital assets like Bitcoin, BNB, and Ethereum. Stablecoins, which are digital currencies whose values are linked to fiat currencies like the US dollar, is one of the most widely utilized forms of cryptocurrencies in use today.

    Let's explore What is Binance USD (BUSD) with Market247 to learn more about a leader in the cryptocurrency space.

    What is Binance USD (BUSD)?

    Here we will learn about the topic what is Binance USD clearly

    A stablecoin backed by fiat money and linked to the dollar is called Binance USD (BUSD). As a result, one BUSD is equal to one USD. One of the stablecoins with the largest market caps at the moment is BUSD. Binance and Paxos founded it.

    By trading volume, Binance is the biggest cryptocurrency exchange worldwide. It was started by cryptocurrency millionaire Changpeng Zhao. In addition, he developed the BNB Chain (BNB), formerly known as the Binance Chain, the second-largest smart contract platform in terms of market value behind Ethereum.

    What is Binance USD (BUSD) Supply?


    The BUSD supply has been sharply rising during the 2021 bull run, as shown in the figure. In only one year, the market cap increased from $1 billion to nearly $14 billion. BUSD, in comparison, appears to be slowing down until 2022.

    What blockchain does BUSD use?

    After learning about the topic What is Binance USD (BUSD) clearly, What blockchain does BUSD use? Due to its presence on many blockchains, such as Ethereum, BNB Smart Chain, Solana, Astar, Harmony, etc., BUSD may be regarded as a multichain stablecoin. With a supply of 13.1 billion and 4.8 billion, respectively, it is predominantly traded on Ethereum and BSC.

    The quantity of BUSD on other blockchains is only tens to a few million. Liquidity fragmentation results from users being able to quickly bridge BUSD to other platforms for use.

    BUSD on Ethereum, BSC, Solana, etc. Source: DeFiLlama


    Notable BUSD characteristics of What is Binance USD (BUSD)

    • No redemption fees: Binance and Paxos don't impose redemption fees and are simple to use.
    • Global transfer: Users are now able to send BUSD around the globe thanks to blockchain technology. Depending on the chosen network, they simply have to pay a modest transaction charge in BNB or ETH.
    • Compliance with U.S. regulations: BUSD is distributed via the New York-based Paxos firm, which has received local government clearance.

    What is Binance USD used for?

    To answer the question “What is Binance USD used for?”, there are several services in the Binance ecosystem: Due to Binance's support, BUSD is chosen in many of the company's new products. For instance, those that subscribe to IEO/IGO subscriptions on Binance Launchpad must pay BUSD. Additionally, BUSD may be utilized for savings according to Binance's anticipated 10% APY.

    Earn with BUSD


    As a method of exchange in the cryptocurrency world: Supporters of the BNB Chain frequently use BUSD. Most stablecoin transactions take place on BNB Chain and Ethereum. As a result, it is employed in DeFi applications like futures markets or lending/borrowing protocols as collateral.

    Protecting the portfolio against volatile markets: Stablecoins like BUSD are fantastic options to keep the portfolio from falling during market selloffs. BUSD, a stablecoin tied to the US dollar, is nonetheless affected by inflation.

    Fast deployment: On exchanges, users may directly trade BUSD for other cryptocurrencies or tokens. You only need a few clicks to finish a transaction.

    How does BUSD work?

    Similar to other controlled stablecoins, What is Binance USD - BUSD operates on the mint-and-burn premise (USDT and USDC). The USD-pegged stablecoin is kept at a 1:1 ratio thanks to this technique.

    • Users have the option of using the Binance Fiat wallet or sending money to Paxos to create fresh BUSD.
    • They may go to Paxos and change BUSD to US money.

    How does BUSD work?


    Why is BUSD so well-liked?

    Due to its dependability, BUSD had remarkable acceptance rates in 2021, a year in which the popularity of cryptocurrencies was greatly increased by the price explosions of Bitcoin and other altcoins. BUSD has become more and more popular as crypto technologies like DeFi and NFTs gain acceptance.

    It is obvious that these early adopters trust the stablecoin and prefer using it for their DeFi operations as more than one million people already have BUSD. In particular, BUSD serves as a link between conventional finance and decentralized financial infrastructure, introducing a new degree of monetary independence not provided by conventional currencies or organizations. Stablecoins also offer appealing APYs for DeFi services and help shield its consumers from risks like inflation. Users of BUSD can engage in yield farming and liquidity pools with more financial security against risks than they can with fiat- or crypto-related products.

    Disclaimer: This is merely a sharing on the topic of What is Binance USD (BUSD); it is not a recommendation of cryptocurrencies or any specific business, service, or item. It doesn't indicate a trading recommendation beforehand.


    In Binance's family of products, BUSD is a key component. It may demonstrate the stability in practice by ranking among the top 3 stablecoins on the cryptocurrency market. However, the lack of decentralization in centralized stablecoins like BUSD is still a little source of worry for the community.

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    What is Binance USD - FAQs

    What is the difference between Binance coin and Binance USD?

    Available cryptocurrencies Binance.

    While Binance gives access to more than 600 coins, US only provides access to more than 95 cryptocurrencies. This is an important distinction. A selling factor for people who are interested in less well-known currencies is the broader selection of altcoins that may be traded on Binance.

    Is Binance USD a wise financial decision?

    It might be. Since Binance USD is a stablecoin, it is doubtful that investors would benefit from its volatility. However, amid a downturn in the cryptocurrency market, investing in BUSD might provide a shelter.

    Is BNB the same as Binance USD?

    Binance Coin (BNB) and Binance USD (BUSD) are two different cryptocurrencies. Despite the fact that they are both issued by the cryptocurrency exchange Binance, they are fundamentally different and have different purposes. BNB will be covered in more detail below; in contrast, BUSD is a stablecoin whose value is tied to the US dollar.

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