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    Nov 24, 2022

    Art Gobblers, Justin Roiland's much-anticipated NFT collection, has raked in over $11 million in just one day. Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland worked on the project with Web3 venture firm Paradigm. Art Gobblers, a free-to-mint NFT project, was released on October 31 at 20:20 UTC. Furthermore, in a short period of time, its floor has reached a whopping 13.42 ETH.

    So, what is Art Gobblers NFT? Continue reading to learn more about the Art Gobblers project.


    What is Art Gobblers NFT?

    Art Gobblers is an "experimental decentralized art factory" created by Justin Roiland and Paradigm. The Art Gobblers NFTs and the GOO token are central to the project's ecosystem. In essence, the collection contains 1,700 NFTs that were free to mint for whitelisted users. Art Gobblers NFTs are fully animated ERC721 tokens, and the project intends to release an additional 8,000 NFTs over the next decade. These NFTs emit Goo and, naturally, gobble art. Assume you own an Art Gobbles NFT as well as some cool art on a Page NFT. When you feed that Page to your Gobbler, ownership of the Page is transferred to the Art Gobblers contract on-chain.

    Who is behind the Art Gobblers NFT?

    Rick and Morty co-creator Justin Roiland and Web3 investment firm Paradigm created Art Gobblers.

    Art Gobblers was created by Justin Roiland, co-creator of the hit animated comedy show "Rick and Morty." Roiland is a television director, voice actor, writer, and producer from the United States. To be sure, Roiland has become a household name as the voice of both Rick and Morty. Furthermore, the show is particularly popular among cryptocurrency users, which explains the buzz surrounding Art Gobblers.

    Various designers, developers, animators, illustrators, community builders, strategists, actors, and others also contributed to the creation of Art Gobblers.


    How Does Art Gobblers NFT work?

    Each NFT in the collection serves as an art gallery that "squirts Goo and devours art." Simply said, NFT holders may make and sell their own works of art. To elaborate, holders of Gobblers can receive GOO, the ERC-20 token for the project. NFT holders can produce art on the Art Gobblers website, "digest" it and show it on their "art belly" using the token.

    Alternatively, they can construct NFTs with blank pages. To clarify, they are digital canvases that users can consume, exchange, or utilize to produce personalized artwork. It should be remembered that ownership of the artwork also transfers with the NFT. The revolutionary NFT minting technique of Art Gobblers is one of the key reasons for the project's current excitement.

    However, the tokenomics of the project are somewhat controversial. Users can gain GOO by possessing Gobblers; the more GOO a Gobbler possesses, the more GOO it emits. As a result, the procedure permits NFT whales to make exponentially more, establishing an unjust monopoly.

    Breaking Down the Art Gobblers Ecosystem

    Numerous mechanisms contribute to the Art Gobblers ecosystem. All of which contribute to the formation of a self-sufficient art factory. Let's analyze each component of the system.



    Goo is an ERC20 token that Art Gobblers NFTs have issued. It is essential for the creation of new Blank Pages and determines the type of art that enters the Gobbler's ecology. Additionally, Goo can be utilized to make additional Gobblers. Thus, different ways exist for players to gain an advantage.


    The primary function of Art Gobblers NFT is to produce art Pages. To glaminate your artwork onto a Page, you must first generate a Blank Page NFT using Goo.

    The amount of Pages that can be created is limited by the VRGDA mechanism of the project.

    Art that is instantly glaminated onto a Page benefits from both the cultural relevance of Art Gobblers and the community of Art Gobblers.


    Gobblers are fully-animated ERC721 NFTs that serves as the project's backbone. In addition to producing Goo, Gobblers also consume works of art. Once you feed a Gobbler a Page of art, the Page's ownership is transferred on-chain to the Art Gobblers contract, which then specifies which Gobbler now owns the Page.

    Legendary Gobblers

    The Legendary Gobbler is the rarest species of Gobbler. Due to their rarity, they will appear at predetermined times over the next decade. To obtain a Legendary Gobbler, you must consume an absurd number of regular Gobblers. This encourages the Gobbler community to pool their resources in order to acquire a Legendary Gobbler.

    What is the Role of Goo Tokens in Art Gobblers’ economy?

    Goo is an ERC20 Ethereum token produced by Art Gobblers NFTs, following the GOO white paper. Goo is needed to make fresh Blank Pages. Art Gobblers NFT ultimately chooses what art can be generated within an ecosystem, thereby serving as co-curators of a decentralized art exhibition.

    Another advantage of Goo is that it can be used to build new Gobblers, which makes the gameplay more engaging. Thus, players are able to make a strategic options to avoid falling behind other players.

    It would be a terrible tactic to accumulate Goo tokens without also possessing Gobbler NFTs. Due to the fact that everyone will be producing Goo with their Art Gobblers NFT, your share of the total Goo supply will rapidly diminish to nothing.

    Conversely, if you intend to possess a large number of Gobblers but a little amount of Goo, your Goo production will be far lower than that of other people.


    How to mint Art Gobblers?

    Art Gobblers NFT has issued a total of 2,000 free coins to yet. However, only those on the mintlist were permitted to mint these "free to mint" Art Gobblers. 300 Gobblers are allocated to the core team, while the remaining 1,700 are distributed to the community, collaborators, artists, builders, contest winners, and others.

    Mintlist was primarily made of artists, collectors, and builders who competed in three separate contests: one for artists, one for collectors, and one for builders.

    The contest required artists to illustrate a notion from the project's Green paper using the 'draw tool' Collectors were asked to offer their thoughts on the aesthetic, sociological, cultural, and economic significance of Art Gobblers NFT to the crypto art world. In addition, the builders were tasked with creating anything composed of Gobblers, Goo, protocols, or innovative games that incorporate Gobbler elements.

    Winners received a spot on the mintlist based on the coolest contributions to the Art Gobblers NFT ecosystem. Mintlist also includes the bearer of an NFT from one of Justin Roiland's earlier collections as well as other modest contests designed to foster collaboration.

    The mintlist is currently filled, so you must either wait for the next minting operation or purchase a coin on the secondary market.

    In the following decade, the remaining 8,000 Gobblers will be struck. The employed technique will issue approximately 200 Gobblers per month, although the quantity will diminish over time. Thus, the society can experience rapid growth while avoiding long-term inflation.

    The distribution is such that one out of every 10 newly created Gobblers will join the squad. An additional one in ten will be placed in a community-wide bank vault.


    Art Gobblers NFT is off to a promising start, according to the numbers, despite a bear market and a decline in NFT sales. As artists continue to create cool art, the cultural significance of Art Gobblers NFT will increase, and collector demand for Gobbler art will rise. Artists will produce "cooler" art in response to increased collector demand, thereby creating a self-sufficient ecosystem.

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    Common Question - What is Art Gobblers NFT?

    What is the Art Gobblers NFT Roadmap?

    In addition to lacking a road map, the experiment was launched as a completed project. That is, no additional utility is promised beyond what is stated in the Green Paper for the project. - New NFT Marketplace Project

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