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    Nov 11, 2022

    Game Blockchain is one of the important applications of Blockchain technology. Along with the rapid development of blockchain technology, a series of Blockchain Game projects were born and attracted great attention from the community. In this article, let's find out What are Blockchain Games and the potential of this field in the future with

    What are Blockchain Games?


    First, Let’s explore about What are Blockchain Games.

    Blockchain Game is a game genre built and developed on the Blockchain platform with a distributed database system on a large computer network. This is the most obvious difference between blockchain games and traditional games.

    Game Blockchain inherits the outstanding advantages of Blockchain technology to help users have great gaming experiences. Users can own in-game items in the form of NFTs and make NFT trades for profit.

    What are Blockchain Games features?

    After understanding What are Blockchain Games clearly, we will find out the main features of blockchain games.


    Among the characteristics of Game Blockchain, decentralization is one of the most prominent. For most traditional games today, the user data will be stored on a single server and controlled by the game publisher.

    However, for blockchain technology, assets are distributed and divided equally among all participating users. In addition, game publishers cannot control all of these assets. This helps to increase transparency and safety for users' databases and assets.



    User information is the target of many attackers to the game's server system. With the power of decentralization and data encryption measures of blockchain technology, it helps to increase the security of data against the risk of hacker attacks. From there, create a secure environment for the user's database, creating a great gaming experience.

    Enhance ownership

    One very difference between blockchain games and traditional games is ownership. Instead of the former, users' efforts to win or obtain items all disappear after they leave the game, for blockchain games, users have full control over these assets to make transactions. translate and make a profit from your efforts.

    Assets in blockchain games exist as NFTs. With the support of smart contracts, all trade transactions take place transparently and securely. Smart contracts are fully automated without the control of the game publishing team. No one can change the ownership of the user's NFT assets.

    Valuable rewards


    Blockchain games at the moment all integrate the Play-to-Earn model into the operating mechanism to attract users to participate. Players are not only immersed in the wonderful space of the game world for entertainment but also receive attractive rewards of items or tokens.

    The items and rewards obtained in the game can be exchanged for real assets. This is the difference and the advantage of blockchain games because it brings real value to users.

    Change payment method

    In the past, there have been many breaches involving major conditions that leaked customers' credit card information and were sold on the black market.

    However, this is almost impossible for blockchain games because here, payment operations will be done in cryptocurrencies and tokens. This contributes to providing a reassuring experience for users while enjoying attractive games.

    What are Blockchain Games limitations?


    The advantages of Blockchain Games are many and revolutionary compared to previous traditional games, but it still has certain limitations. So what are the disadvantages of blockchain games?

    Limited user experience

    One of the biggest limitations affecting the user experience of blockchain games is the relatively slow processing speed.

    In addition, games built on the blockchain platform often experience maintenance problems that disrupt users' use. However, blockchain games released in the following period have overcome this problem. Projects are constantly transforming and upgrading the network to improve processing speed to provide a better user experience.

    Lack of good human resources

    Compared to media games, the game ecosystem built on blockchain is still quite new and has not been exploited to its full potential for development. A common point of most blockchain games today is that the interface and graphics are still quite simple. This shows that human resources in this field are still very scarce.

    In order for blockchain gaming to become a booming field in the near future and become the next trend, it is necessary to require a large number of good human resources to participate, thereby contributing to building a blockchain game ecosystem to become more diversified and developed.

    What is the potential of Blockchain Game?

    Going back to 2021 can be considered a year marking the development of blockchain technology and Metaverse. From here, a series of new ideas and projects were born, attracting great attention from the community. Here are 3 potentials that blockchain games can exploit to accelerate future development.

    Play-to-Earn model


    The Play-to-Earn trend has really exploded in the post-Covid-19 pandemic because it creates a source of passive income for participating players. This trend is an important factor to watch out for in the future development stage of blockchain games.

    NFT Asset

    By applying the advantages of NFT technology to games, blockchain-based games help users to be more active and have full control over their assets.

    With unique characteristics, blockchain assets have high value and applicability. This instills trust while encouraging users to explore to win attractive NFT assets.

    Combined with Metaverse

    The combination of blockchain games and metaverse will bring a great virtual reality experience to participants. In which all the scenes are reproduced as real, the player is immersed in the scene as if he was adventuring in the journey in the game.



    Above is the information about What are Blockchain Games. Hopefully this article has brought you useful knowledge about games on the Blockchain platform. If you have any questions about What are Blockchain Games in crypto, don't forget to comment below to get the fastest response from the team.

    FAQs - What are Blockchain Games?

    What is an example of a Blockchain Game?

    Some of the top blockchain games include Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Alien Worlds, ApeCoin...

    What is the current number 1 blockchain game?

    Axie Infinity (AXS) - The Biggest Blockchain Game Ever. Axie Infinity runs two metaverse cards: Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) and Smooth Love Potion (SLP).

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