VALHALLA NFT - Everything You Need To Know About VALHALLA Collection

    Dec 21, 2022

    Valhalla, Floki Inu's flagship utility product, aims to be the first in the crypto space to implement interactive NFT onchain, enabling players to interact and monetize within a metaverse. That is why Valhalla NFT creates a huge fever in the NFT community. In this article, we will cover all about the VALHALLA NFT project.

    What is VALHALLA NFT?

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    VALHALLA NFT is a collection of 9000 NFTs that was minted on November 23, 2022. VALHALLA is "an NFT project creating a global community for gamers." They are creating a unique experience for their members who are interested in gaming and culture.

    The high-quality video on their website follows two characters as they navigate a strange, dystopian world reminiscent of The Matrix and Blade Runner. The two are navigating their way through various realities, displaying a futuristic, war-torn universe. Following several dimension or universe switches via mirrors, they eventually arrive at a Dragon, who constructs a final portal leading them to a fighting scene. The video abruptly ends with the project's logo.

    The project's mint is still in operation; as of November 23, the collection had 15% of its supply left after phase one minting. The project is currently sky-high on OpenSea. It is the top project based on sales volume today, and one of the top three, along with Cryptopunks and Bored Ape Yacht Club, in the previous seven days of volume.

    The current floor price is 1.2 ETH, with 11,590 ETH traded thus far. Furthermore, 3,429 unique owners have one of the 9000 NFTs in their wallet, representing 38 % of all unique owners.

    What is the VALHALLA NFT game?

    The NFT metaverse game Valhalla is powered by $Floki Inu. NFT has evolved from being a relatively unknown entity in the cryptocurrency realm to one of the most crucial components of the market. Giving gamers more power is one way that NFT is now being used. Holders of $FLOKI will be able to completely own and profit from the exciting and engaging experience that Valhalla aims to give gamers.

    The player will be a young adult who has just begun living as a Viking when they first arrive on this island. All players will start their voyage on the island of Floki, which is home to various NPCs, structures, and all beginner players:

    • Inuversity: the hometown of Professor Musk.
    • B's Shop: serving all needs of buying and selling items.
    • Harbor: where ships dock and are the starting point for raids.

    The island also features a number of animal regions where the player may run into specific Veras and locations where they may use the gardening system. There are other islands in the Valhalla metaverse besides Floki Island. Other islands had to be raided by the Vikings.

    Users will have the option of creating a special character (ERC 721) that they can use to explore and engage with the Valhalla universe. The player needs to keep a particular number of Floki in their wallet in order to create a playable character. The Floki Genesis NFT collection, which consists of sculptures of the Floki Inu in bronze, silver, diamond, and ruby, can be used by players to enhance their characters. By obtaining the whole Floki Genesis NFT collection, players can finally arrive in Flokimandu.

    What makes VALHALLA NFT special?

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    Valhalla is the first project to include upgradable NFTs that take place entirely on-chain. After winning battles, all upgradeable Vera NFTs gain experience. Vera advances in level after accumulating a certain amount of experience. Vera's attribute points increase when she advances in level. The number of attribute points obtained is determined by Vera's base attribute values in conjunction with her innate potential attribute values and trained attribute values.

    The Team Behind VALHALLA NFT

    The collection VALHALLA NFT was created by a team of 11 full-time employees at Stacked Studios, based in Los Angeles. The group has a wide range of experience in their respective industries, with many attending major universities such as MIT for their studies. They have also worked at some of the world's most prestigious companies, including Microsoft, Uber, and Goldman Sachs, to name a few.

    Stacked Studios is continuing to hire as the company and their project VALHALLA grow.

    About Stacked Studios

    Stacked Studios is the company behind the creation and release of VALHALLA NFT. They are a consumer web3 studio based in Los Angeles. They don't share much company information on their website. However, it is through their Twitter account that they have shared some employee stories, behind-the-scenes information about the VALHALLA development, and funding information.

    Pantera Capital led a $12.9 million Series A funding round for Stacked Studios in September. The asset management firm explained why they invested in the company, citing Stacked founder Alex Lin's belief in the potential of web3's live-streaming side, which they believe is underutilized.

    VALHALLA NFT Community

    The project currently has over 23,523 members on their active Discord server. To clarify, users who own a VALHALLA have access to areas of the server that non-holders do not. Those who do not own an NFT from the collection can only view #announcements, #mint-details, #information, and #twitter.

    Since joining Twitter in May of this year, the project has gained 49,100 followers. Recently, their post engagement has been exceptional, with recent posts receiving thousands of likes and retweets.

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    That is all about the VALHALLA NFT project. If you have an interest in game-based NFT, you can follow our channel to stay updated with good articles about other potential projects.

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    Common Questions

    How to buy VALHALLA NFT?

    The VALHALLA NFT is available on the secondary marketplace such as OpenSea, NFTciti, etc.

    Is it good to buy VALHALLA NFT?

    Yes, if you love its design and VALHALLA game, but please do your own research before buying VALHALLA NFT. The information by Market247 is not investment advice. - New NFT Marketplace Project

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