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    Dec 22, 2022

    Trump announced a "big announcement" on his Truth social media site on Wednesday. The 45th president of the United States announced that he was selling limited edition cards featur[ing] amazing ART of his life & Career”, and he promised that they would be "very much like baseball cards but hopefully much more interesting." In this article, we will learn all interesting information about the Trump Digital Trading Cards Collection.

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    What is the Trump Digital Trading Cards Collection?

    Trump Digital Trading Cards is a Trump-themed NFT collection that includes cards with some very great artwork about the life of former US President Donald Trump. Although Trump never used the acronym "NFT" in the tweet, the "digital trading cards" do definitely fall under this category.

    Trump's engagement in NFTs is regarded as coming after that of his wife Melania, but at a far less favourable period (bear market).

    These cards, in contrast to typical cards with collecting deals, show the 45th President of the United States in an unusual position. These cards feature the 76-year-old ex-president of the United States in a variety of sports and occupations, including boxing, wrestling, driving a race car, becoming an astronaut, and playing football. Trump may be seen riding on shoulders in some photos, while in another, he is shown taking off his armour and shooting lasers out of his eyes. 45, his presidential number is inscribed on each card.

    On Polygon, which is gradually evolving into the blockchain platform that prominent corporations use to strengthen their position in cryptocurrency, Donald Trump's collection was unveiled.

    There were a total of 45,000 items in the Trump Digital Trading Cards Collection. Each NFT costs $99 and was created by illustrator Clark Mitchell, according to the official website.

    As with previous NFTs, the buyer retains ownership of the particular Trump Digital Trading Cards, but anyone online is free to copy and share the image.

    Trump Digital Trading Cards In Highlights


    Former US president Donald Trump's collection of digital trading cards has sold out in less than a day, bringing nearly US$4.5 million despite being heavily criticized online.

    From the mint, Trump might have made close to $4.5 million. The creator fees for OpenSea include a 10% royalty on subsequent sales. The cost of exchanging the cards on OpenSea has reached $5.2 million (4,442 ether), earning the developers an additional $520,000.

    Some cards have already attained resale values of nearly $7,000. A greyscale NFT with a picture of Trump wearing a Christmas hat was purchased by NFT collector Nanitor for 6 ETH ($7,200).

    Trump NFT whales may already be present among the holders. Currently, 34 wallets house 100 or more items from the collection. Additionally, 1,000 NFTs were airdropped to one wallet hours before the open auction, according to data from OpenSea. The second-largest possessor presently has 673 NFTs from the collection.

    Why is Trump Digital Trading Cards so hot?

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    After publishing, Trump Digital Trading Cards gained great results. The following section is some objective explanations by the Market247 team.

    Exclusive benefits

    When you purchase a Trump NFT, you are entered into a drawing for several prizes. An invitation to a gala dinner with the Republican in South Florida would be "secured" for purchasers of 45 or more NFTs. 202 persons currently have more than 45 of the NFTs in their digital wallets, according to Dune.

    You can enter a raffle to win a variety of prizes, such as a private meeting with Trump at Mar-a-Lago, golf with the former president, or a Zoom call, by purchasing a Trump NFT.


    As part of the launch, a constrained number of Trump Digital Trading Cards are available. For instance, although some photos only had one NFT available for purchase, others had twenty. Trump Trading Cards are in greater demand due to their unique advantages as well.

    The NFT market's surge of speculation

    NFT traders seldom pass up an opportunity to speculate, which results in the collection performing well on the secondary market. More than six times the initial $99 asking price, the least expensive Donald Trump Trading Card NFTs are currently selling for roughly $650.

    About Donald Trump

    Donald Trump is the Former President of the US. Donald Trump announces his candidacy for president for the third time as he pauses while speaking at Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., on Nov. 15, 2022. Lawyers for Donald Trump appeared in court Friday, Dec. 9, for sealed arguments as part of the ongoing investigation into the presence of classified information at the former president's Florida estate.

    It comes at a time when Trump is under increased legal scrutiny as court cases involving his businesses progress, and the House Select Committee on January 6 is considering a criminal referral against him for obstruction of Congress.

    Trump has also faced internal Republican party pressure after announcing plans to run for the GOP nomination in 2024.


    Where to buy Trump Digital Trading Cards?

    Trump Digital Trading Cards were available for purchase on the OpenSea marketplace, which was accessible via a dedicated sale site. The cards were sold out on Friday.


    This collection comes three years after Trump declared himself not a fan of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Trump Digital Trading Cards is a positive sign for the cryptocurrency market in general and the NFT market in particular. If you want to find more information about Trump Digital Trading Cards, you can visit its channels below.

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    Common Questions

    How to buy Trump Digital Trading Cards?

    Trump Digital Trading Cards have currently sold out. You can visit some secondary NFT marketplaces to purchase these NFTs and of course with a higher price.

    Are Trump Digital Trading Cards good to invest in?

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