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    Top NFT Tracking Tools in 2022 - “Must-have" Tools for NFT Collectors

    Dec 17, 2022

    Several new NFT projects are being born every day in the midst of growing public interest, with the potential to change the industry's future or, perhaps, destroy your portfolio. Keeping track of the best NFT projects and the ones that are most likely scams is a difficult task for anyone, regardless of experience in the field.

    To stay ahead of the game and maintain a profitable NFT portfolio, multiple activities must be tracked, ranging from mint dates to project reveals and countdown auctions. As a result, you must employ a variety of NFT analytic tools; with these in place, you can stay up to date on auctions, project launches, and market insights.

    As a result, we decided to gather some of the top NFT tracking tools to assist investors in tracking various NFT projects in 2022. Okay, let's get this show started.

    What are NFT tracking tools?

    NFT tracking tools are software applications that assist investors in tracking top NFT from various NFT collections. These tools are specifically designed to monitor new and existing NFT based on rarity.

    The best tracking tools will give you data on the protocol-based collection, current NFT volume, number of users and sales, recent activities, and an overview of the NFT market.

    Top NFT Tracking Tools You Should Know in 2022

    While there are numerous NFT tracking tools available, the following list provides a comprehensive guide to the top NFT tracking tools in the industry.




    NonFungible has the most comprehensive database of blockchain game and crypto collectible markets. It provides project rankings in real time, asset price evolution, and advanced market analysis.

    The platform also provides data on blockchain collectibles and gaming markets, which assists investors in understanding the market and developing a valuation model. NonFungible also allows users to compare similar assets to see if they are getting a fair price when buying or selling NFT.




    NFTciti is the first marketplace to share revenue with NFT creators. Similar to OpenSea, The marketplace is not just where to buy and sell NFTs, it also provides NFT tracking and analytics tools for NFT collections by volume, price, item quantity and other statistics. Upcoming NFT collections are also highlighted in the DROPs tab for all users to easily access and follow minting time.




    DappRadar is a free website for collecting NFTs and analyzing sales data. The platform allows you to search for the Top NFT Collections, Top NFT Sales, and Top NFT Marketplaces.

    In 2020, they released a portfolio tracker that allows users to monitor Ethereum wallets in real-time. Furthermore, DappRadar allows users to view the volume, traders, and sales of any NFT collection. Users can keep track of trending NFT collections while also monitoring their real-time sales volume. So far, the platform has received over 500,000 monthly visits and supports over 20 blockchain protocols.

    Rarity Snipper

    Rarity sniper.png


    Rarity Sniper is one of the world's largest NFT communities and the best way to check the rarity of 1911 NFT collections on Ethereum, Solana, and other platforms.

    The platform scores are for image NFTs, also known as JPGs, and, more specifically, large NFT collections. More than 1,500 projects from 18 blockchains are included in the rarity tool.

    Rarity Sniper also provides the most recent space news as well as an NFT calendar for upcoming project mints, allowing users to stay informed about the market and keep track of future mints.




    Nansen Nansen is an analytics platform that combines on-chain data with a massive and ever-expanding database of millions of wallet labels. Nansen's user-friendly dashboards provide tools such as wallet profilers, smart alerts, top holder and token distribution information, and more.

    Although somewhat pricey (as some of these services are), Nansen goes beyond tracking collectors and trades, providing users with downloadable data, exclusive insights/reports, live DEX trade updates, and more. Nansen appears to be one of the most popular choices among NFT analytics services because it has been around through the ups and downs of the NFT market.


    Cryptoslam, which was founded in 2018, is an NFT aggregator that tracks the location and metrics of numerous NFTs from over 50 websites and projects.

    CrytoSlam simplifies trading by providing a unified view of all top-selling NFTs on any given day. One NFT from the CryptoPunk collection made the list, selling at auction for more than $600,000 USD. These analytics are updated on a daily basis as data from OpenSea and dozens of other dApps is streamlined.


    Website: is a service that launched in the midst of the NFT market boom and includes a slew of useful analytics tools. The platform allows users to easily discover trending projects while also tracking floor prices, volume, sale history, and more.

    Many tools on the platform are free, with premium features available for a low monthly fee.

    Dune Analytics

    Dune Analytics is one of the best-known free NFT analytics tools. Dune, which was released in 2019, is ideal for those who lack technical knowledge.

    Dune allows you to organize and visualize historical collection data as graphs. It is an excellent NFT tool that allows you to track the floor prices of NFT collections, NFTs for sale, and more.

    Users can also create custom dashboards to conduct additional research before making NFT investments. It supports a variety of blockchain platforms, including Ethereum and Polygon.


    Rarity Tools


    Rarity Tools is a popular free tool among investors due to its extensive tracking and analytical capabilities. It provides a simple, straightforward ranking method for NFTs. You can easily compare two NFTs and determine how uncommon an NFT is in comparison to the others in the collection.

    Rarity works by assigning a rarity score to each trait in a given NFT. These scores are then added together to form the overall NFT rarity score. NFTs are then ranked based on their overall rarity score, making swapping and trading much more convenient.


    OpenSea users can trade, buy, sell, and track NFTs. This platform provides a variety of tracking and analysis tools to help you decide which NFTs to invest in.

    As the world's largest NFT marketplace, it makes viewing all activity and data for any NFT listed on the platform simple. By visiting the Stats page, you can view an NFT's activity and ranking in real time. All Ethereum, Polygon, and Klaytn blockchain-based NFTs are supported.


    Why do we need NFT Tracking Tools?

    The NFT market is becoming more complicated as new projects and use cases are introduced. As a result, having a thorough understanding of the market is more important than ever, necessitating the use of analytic tools like the ones mentioned above. By keeping track of any upcoming and existing NFTs and more, these analytics tools ensure that you invest in the right NFT projects and potentially maximize your profits.

    Evaluating NFT tracking tools

    Before implementing NFT tracking tools, there are a number of pros and cons to consider.

    The benefits of utilizing NFT Tracker:

    • Fully automated monitoring and immediate NFT statistics are provided.
    • The vast bulk of NFT tracking is available at no cost.
    • Most followers are trustworthy.
    • Some NFT tracking also includes cryptocurrency monitoring.

    Disadvantages of NFT tracking tools:

    • Some tracking apps offer their best capabilities in the premium edition.
    • It may be difficult to distinguish between trustworthy and untrustworthy followers.
    • Finding the NFT tracking solution that best fits your NFT category could take some time.


    That is all information about top NFT tracking tools. Hopefully, you can find some tools to support your NFT journey. In the upcoming time, will update the list of top NFT tracking tools. Please follow our channels to get the notification about the latest article.

    Common Questions

    What is the purpose of NFTs?

    NFTs can be used to show ownership of rare assets that represent real-world items such as real estate and artwork. It is important to note, however, that purchasing an NFT that includes the original artwork's copyright does not automatically transfer that copyright to you. While you can sell the NFT itself, you cannot reproduce or sell its content.

    How can you profit from NFTs?

    NFTs, like stocks, can be bought and sold when their value changes. The best way to make money with NFTs is to buy low and sell high.

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