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    Top 10 NFT Marketplaces By Volume In The Last 30 Days -

    Nov 30, 2022

    If you wish to participate in the NFT craze, an NFT marketplace is your passport to purchasing and selling digital goods ranging from art to music to entire virtual worlds. NFT markets are the Amazon of the digital universe. There are dozens of NFT marketplaces, the majority of which have a specialized or specialist focus. What aspects should you examine before picking which NFT marketplace to use, and what are the finest ones available? Here are the Top 10 NFT Marketplaces By Volume In The Last 30 Days that you should know.


    What is the NFT marketplace?

    The NFT marketplace is one such marketplace that also serves as a public Blockchain platform. Despite its infancy, this platform is gaining traction and inspiring developers and businesses to build a marketplace. Aside from dealing with artworks, there are a variety of other fields where using NFT marketplaces can be advantageous as follow.

    • Digital Art
    • Swapping
    • E-learning services
    • Video games
    • Projects for Investment

    Top 10 NFT marketplaces by volume in the last 30 days

    NFT marketplace by volume-2.png

    In the Top 10 NFT Marketplaces By Volume, The leader is OpenSea, followed by Magic Eden and X2Y2 in the standings. The amount of NFT that is traded on OpenSea continues to show a downward trend. During this time, there was a discernible rise in the amount of business conducted in Magic Eden, which is Solana's most important marketplace. Additionally, the Immutable X marketplace is now ranked fourth in terms of the volume of 30D trades.

    Below are the details of the top 10 NFT marketplaces by volume in November


    The first rank in the top 10 NFT marketplaces by volume is OpenSea which is the largest NFT marketplace right now. OpenSea dominates the NFT sales market. OpenSea's platform contains a variety of digital assets, and it is free to register and peruse the platform's extensive offerings. It also supports artists and creators and has an easy-to-use process for those who wish to establish their own NFT.

    Magic Eden

    Magic Eden is a new NFT marketplace built on the Solana Network that allows for the sale, purchase, and minting of non-fungible tokens (NFTs). This is the second one in the top 10 NFT marketplaces by volume in November.

    Many creative artists struggle to showcase their collections in this rising era of NFTs due to the costs and technicalities required on other platforms. To address this issue, Magic Eden bridges these gaps by simplifying the minting process and lowering transaction fees, resulting in NFT ventures that are simple and affordable for all.


    X2Y2 is a new NFT marketplace that was introduced in February 2022. X2Y2 competes with OpenSea, the largest marketplace for non-fungible tokens, by offering bulk listing, rarity tracking, and real-time notifications. Currently trading at $0.32 with a market cap of $42 million and a total quantity of 1 billion tokens, the X2Y2 token serves as the governance token for the X2Y2 marketplace.

    Immutable X marketplace

    Immutable X is an Ethereum blockchain-based Layer 2 scaling solution. It was created with the goal of providing near-instant confirmation and near-zero gas fees for NFT trading and minting. Immutable X, as a blockchain designed for trading gaming NFTs, has its own marketplace where users can buy and sell in-game assets. It is the location of all items listed for sale on the network. So, if your preferred secondary marketplace sells Immutable X NFTs, you will find everything already listed on the official marketplace.

    Immutable X allows you to mint NFTs for free. Immutable charges only 2% as a sell-on fee.

    Larva Labs/CryptoPunks

    Larva Labs is primarily known for its CryptoPunks NFT initiative. In 2017, they were given away for free, but since then, several CryptoPunks have sold for millions of dollars. Larva Labs has other digital art projects, such as Autoglyphs, as well as app development initiatives based on the Ethereum blockchain.

    The CryptoPunks non-fungible tokens issued by Larva Labs are no longer available, although they can be bid on and purchased through several third-party marketplaces. Despite this, Larva Labs' different initiatives are worth monitoring, notably the Meebits, which may be purchased through the company's internal marketplace.

    It is understandable when CrypoPunks took the fifth position in the list of 10 NFT marketplaces by volume in the last 30 days.


    LooksRare NFT is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace that enables users to buy and sell NFTs in exchange for LOOKS, its native utility token. The platform's regular sales cost on all NFT transactions is 2%, which is somewhat less than OpenSea's 2.5%. The LOOKS token is important to the LooksRare ecosystem and can be staked to get daily trading fees in LOOKS with ether wrapping (wETH).


    Theta is a blockchain-based network designed for the decentralized distribution of online video and television. The NFT shop Theta Drop debuted in 2021 with digital artifacts from the World Poker Tour. The World Poker Tour was an early adopter of ThetaTV and utilizes the streaming platform.

    Theta uses its own proprietary blockchain technology. To participate in the Theta Drop NFT marketplace, Theta Token must be purchased.

    NFT Marketplace

    Axie marketplace

    Axie Marketplace is the official online store for Axie Infinity. Axies are mythical creatures that can be purchased, trained, and pitted against the Axies of other players to earn rewards. On Axie Marketplace, players can purchase new Axies, as well as entire lands and other in-game consumables, using NFTs. Axie Infinity tokens (also known as Axie Shards) are constructed on the Ethereum blockchain.


    On July 1, 2021, the NFT marketplace Element was launched as a solution to the problem of fluctuating interest rates on most DeFi programs, as well as the liquidity of the principal after user deposits. The platform officially launched version 2.0 on August 15, which targets a different industry than the original version.

    The platform is now claiming to be the first community-driven decentralized NFT aggregation marketplace. This model is intended to increase the liquidity of the NFT markets and reduce trading gas fees.


    AtomicMarket is a smart contract used by several websites for a shared liquidity NFT market. Everything listed on one market is also listed on all other markets due to shared liquidity.

    It is a trading platform for Atomic Assets, a non-fungible token standard based on eosio blockchain technology. Anyone can use the Atomic Asset standard to tokenize and create digital assets, as well as buy, sell, and auction assets via the Atomic Assets marketplace.

    How Do NFT Marketplaces Actually Function?


    When you sign up for an account with an NFT marketplace, you are granted the ability to investigate all of the products and services that are up for purchase there. You also have the option to add a payment method. In order to pay with cryptocurrency, some services need you to link a cryptocurrency wallet, while others let you pay with a credit card instead.

    On certain websites, you can make a direct purchase of NFTs at a predetermined price, while others require you to participate in an auction. If you are successful in completing the transaction, the NFT marketplace will record it on its blockchain, indicating that ownership has been transferred.

    Advice on Choosing an NFT Market

    Keep in mind that an NFT is nothing more than a representation of ownership of an item. Before you choose an NFT marketplace, you will first need to determine the type of digital asset that you are interested in purchasing, selling, or generating.

    Almost everything can be found in a digital format, including the written word, films, video games, artwork, collector's items, and so on. To get started, it's a good idea to hone in on your specific areas of interest.

    Another factor to take into account is the many kinds of tokens that are accepted on the market. A wide range of tokens can be supported by some. Others are exclusive trading environments that make use of a specialized digital token. When you sign up for an account on an NFT marketplace, it is imperative that you fund your blockchain wallet with the appropriate cryptocurrency or token in order to take part in the activities on the platform. After you have created an account, you will be given the option to connect your wallet to the NFT marketplace when this becomes available. Check to see what kind of security measures the marketplace has in place, as well as whether or not it has experienced any problems in the past.


    That was the list of top 10 NFT marketplaces by volume in November. But the rating change, so you can often see these marketplaces trying to get to the top.

    Buying, selling, and trading NFTs will grow in popularity over time. NFTs may become more common in the coming months, and many people may wish they had known more about them sooner. When choosing a marketplace to invest in assets, always consider the NFT marketplace ranking. We hope that the blog will assist you in making sound decisions.

    Common Asked Question - Top 10 NFT marketplaces by volume in the past 30 days

    Is the largest NFT market OpenSea?

    Yes, according to popularity and user base, Opensea is now the largest NFT marketplace.

    What is the most popular NFT?

    The two marketplaces with the most users in 2022 are Opensea and Rarible. - New NFT Marketplace Project

    NFTciti is the first marketplace to share revenue with NFT creators. It’s built to be easy to use and a joy to explore, whether you’re a longtime NFT enthusiast or a newbie just encountering the blockchain miracle for the first time. On NFTciti, collectors can easily stay updated with the latest information about NFT collections and manage their portfolios with high security. Initially, NFTciti will support Polygon-based NFT, then expand to support other blockchains.



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