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    Oct 11, 2022

    The NFT movement has gained traction as more traders see the NFT market's attractive profit potential. However, it is critical to conduct thorough research before making any purchases. Nifty Gateway provides a curated selection of high-quality NFT art, but it forgoes the decentralized nature of a completely open marketplace. In this post, we’ll go over all you need to know about the Nifty Gateway project.

    what is nifty gateway

    What is Nifty Gateway?

    Nifty Gateway is an innovative NFT platform that has taken the blockchain industry by storm. The platform combines cryptography and collectible art to create a diverse range of high-value, transferable assets, opening up an entirely new world of financial opportunities.

    Nifty Gateway, founded in 2018 by brothers Duncan and Griffin Cock Foster with the goal of making NFTs "affordable to everyone." In late 2019, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss' cryptocurrency exchange Gemini purchased it. Nifty Gateway, like NFT marketplace SuperRare, is known for emphasizing high-end digital art and curated collections. Through collaborations with top artists and brands such as Beeple, Daniel Arsham, and Pak, the platform regularly offers limited-edition collections.

    How does Nifty Gateway work?

    Nifty Gateway works with artists and brands to create limited-edition digital art collections that are only available on the platform.

    Nifty Gateway has a high degree of control over which NFTs are issued on the platform. Before they can mint and issue NFTs, artists must go through an application and interview process. This ensures the high quality of all artwork collections and contributes to the platform's premium reputation.

    The market hype for these rare digital art collections is generated by releasing them in scheduled "drops" that are only available for a limited time. Nifty Gateway publishes its own digital newsletter to keep investors up to date on upcoming NFT drops. Collectors may choose to pre-register for drops by well-known artists because popular NFTs frequently sell out the moment they are released.

    the nifty gateway marketplace

    How much fee do I have to pay on Nifty Gateway?

    Nifty Gateway charges service fees for virtual objects sold or resold on the site in lieu of gas fees. Each website sale is subject to a 5% + 30 cents fee. This fee covers payment processing costs as well as platform operation.

    The fee is the same for all Ethereum-based NFT markets. Gas fees are minor costs calculated in Gwei that can range from micro-ETH to $10-$20 in ether, depending on process efficiency.

    What Differentiates Nifty Gateway from Other Platforms?

    There are some highlights of Nifty Gateway NFT .

    Be A centralized NFT marketplace

    Nifty Gateway is an NFT marketplace that is centralized. The management team made this decision on purpose in order to position the platform as a curated marketplace only featuring high-quality art. As a result, the minting and issuance of NFTs is centralized.

    Other NFT marketplaces, such as OpenSea, are decentralized and allow for peer-to-peer trading of digital assets. To mint NFTs, users do not need to go through a lengthy application process.

    Drops Exclusives

    Because Nifty Gateway has agreements with top brands and artists, some collections are only available on the platform. This ensures the NFT's rarity and adds to Nifty Gateway's exclusive brand.

    In exchange, the artists gain the ability to sell their digital artworks on a well-known NFT marketplace. Nifty Gateway marketplace handles all technical aspects of sales and transactions, allowing artists to focus solely on their craft.

    Artist Royalties for Life

    When an artist's work is sold on Nifty Gateway, they receive a percentage of the proceeds. This feature is only available on NFT marketplaces and is a significant selling point for many artists. Each artist can select their own royalty percentage through Nifty Gateway.

    Meanwhile, the platform deducts 5% of the purchase price to cover operating expenses such as credit card processing fees and maintenance costs.

    Fiat Availability

    Nifty Gateway, unlike many other NFT marketplaces, does not require users to own cryptocurrency such as Ethereum (ETH) in order to make a transaction. Regular debit and credit cards can be used to make purchases.

    The NFT marketplace also accepts USD fiat currency, allowing users with US bank accounts to withdraw funds immediately.

    The platform hopes to make NFTs more accessible to the general public by offering a variety of transaction options.


    How do I Buy or Sell a Nifty (NFT)?

    The initial step is to sign up for a free Nifty Gateway account. Online silent auctions, global offers, open editions, and drawings are the four main methods of sale.

    • Online Silent Auctions: Bidders place blind bids and are only informed of the outcome of the auction after the fact.

    • Global Offers: A collector makes a bid on an NFT. Owners of that NFT are notified and have the option to sell at the proposed price if they wish.

    • Open Editions: A specific NFT's quantity is made infinite for a short period of time, such as 5 to 15 minutes. Interested collectors can then obtain the artwork with greater ease.

    • Drawings: Interested collectors enter a lottery to win the right to buy a specific NFT at a predetermined price. This purchase option was recently added in response to some unethical users running bots to collect all NFT pieces.

    When a buyer receives an NFT, they can keep it for themselves or resell it on the peer-to-peer aftermarket.


    Hopefully, you learn something useful about Nifty Gateway through this article. Please follow us to stay updated with the latest articles next time.

    Common Questions about Nifty Gateway

    How to Make Use of Nifty Gateway

    Nifty Gateway's platform is available as a web and mobile app. To begin, users will be asked to sign up by either creating a custodial account with an email address or connecting to a wallet address via MetaMask.

    How Do I Send NFTs Using Nifty Gateway?

    Users can use Nifty Gateway to send NFTs as gifts to anyone in the spirit of love. To make things easier, anyone with a credit card and a valid email account can quickly pay and send an NFT to almost anyone.

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