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    Dec 02, 2022

    If you have been living under a rock or have had your head buried in the dirt, you may have missed the introduction and eruption of Hong Kong's latest and largest NFT initiative, the Monkey Kingdom NFT, which has shaken the city's online market for NFTs. Today, we will learn more about the Monkey Kingdom NFT project by reading the below article.

    What is Monkey Kingdom?

    monkey kingdom thumb

    The Monkey Kingdom NFT is a collection of 2,222 pixelated monkeys based in Solana and inspired by the Chinese mythological hero Sun Wukong.

    It was minted in November 2021 and its face value was 0.49 Solana, and it was such a huge hit that the entire collection sold out in less than two minutes.

    The Monkey Kingdom NFT has become a symbol of the Asian presence on the worldwide NFT scene, as famous Asian businesspeople, artists, and chefs have backed the collection. The team's major objective is to establish a much-needed Asian presence in the Western-dominated NFT arena by utilizing one of the most revered symbols of Asian culture, the Sun Wukong, a mythical monkey that represents complete enlightenment.

    Asian superstars such as Steve Aoki, one of Monkey Kingdom's biggest supporters, Ian Chan, JJ Lin, Dizzy Dizzo, and Sunny Wang, among others, supported the Sun Wukong-led collection.

    The team behind these monkeys is preparing to start real-world events that will transform each NFT into a pass to unique activities.

    Vision and Values of Monkey Kingdom NFT

    The Monkey Kingdom NFT project has its own vision and value as follows.


    Monkey Kingdom NFT's primary objective is to introduce culture and Web 3.0 art to mainstream audiences and to represent Asian communities. While the initiative began as a distinctly Asian endeavour and received support mostly from East Asia, it has since gained international recognition. As a result, not only were they able to unite Asians residing in distant regions of the globe, but they also created a community of people from several countries and unique backgrounds.

    Monkey Kingdom NFT will always provide new experiences and exclusive access to its community by never forgetting its main objective and innovating regularly to bridge the gap between the actual world and the metaverse.


    Monkey Kingdom NFT takes pleasure in giving back to the local community. During the 2022 Lunar New Year, Magic Peach NFTs were airdropped to Genesis owners in order to prepare them for breeding. They also created the first virtual-reality dating program, Too Hot to Handle, for members of our society who desired procreation but owned only one monkey.

    Other utilities include cross-chain staking of Gen 1 and 2 for ERC-20 tokens PEACH. PEACH has multiple applications, including exchanging for limited edition items and exchanging for whitelist positions for partner projects.

    Genesis Collection on Solana


    Generations 1 and 2 comprise 2,222 and 2,221 algorithmically generated 32x32 pixel NFTs on the Solana Blockchain, namely the male Wukongs and female Diamond Baepes.

    Monkey Kingdom (Gen 1)

    The Monkey Kingdom was released on November 27, 2021, and was inspired by the Chinese mythical hero Sun Wukong, commonly known as Monkey King. The complete collection of 2,222 Wukong-inspired NFTs was sold out within two minutes of the collection's online release.

    Rapidly becoming Hong Kong's largest NFT release, the project entered a market poised for a continuous adoption of digital currencies and a developing NFT business.

    The Diamond Baepes (Gen 2)

    Baepes is a group of 2,221 female Wukongs and serves as evidence of the Monkey Kingdom's wildly successful launch.

    Through this new collection, which was released on December 21, 2021, NFT enthusiasts who were unable to get male Wukongs had a second chance to acquire valuable assets. One of the goals of Monkey Kingdom is to increase women's representation in the largely male-dominated NFT environment. The release of this compilation assisted in achieving this objective.

    The company was forced to cancel the public minting of the collection owing to a hack of its Discord channel.


    Monkey Legend

    The Monkey King is renowned around the world for his travels and mischievous behaviour. After escaping the Solana blockchain, Sun Wukong and 10,000 copies of himself travelled through OpenSea until they reached the Metaverse, a new frontier.

    There are 10,000 male and female avatars in Monkey Legends with attributes and abilities based on the legendary mythical figure Sun Wukong. They are made to be fully customizable, Metaverse-ready, and conducive to entirely new experiences. This gives access to our Metaverse universe, Kingdomverse.

    Monkey Legends were made accessible to the public through whitelist minting, and they are still available to Genesis Collection owners through breeding.

    There are three ways to mint a Gen 3: whitelist minting, breeding, and PEACH claiming. These three techniques of production will produce a total of 10,000 Monkey Legends.

    • Whitelist Mint: On 15 Apr 2022, 4,000 Monkey Legends were mined at a price of 0.3 ETH each.
    • Breeding: Male Wukongs (Gen 1) can produce up to 4,442 Monkey Legends by mating with female Diamond Baepes (Gen 2).
    • Claim using $PEACH


    PEACH is an ERC-20 token and the native utility token that fuels the Monkey Kingdom ecosystem; it is generated passively every day by staking the Genesis Collection.

    • Monkey Kingdom

    Each Wukong generates 20 PEACH per day via staking.

    • Diamond Baepe

    Per day, each Diamond Baepe generates 10 PEACH through staking.


    • Total Supply: 250,000,000
    • Reserves: 6,727,500
    • Token Address: peachtoken.eth
    • Audit Report: Certik


    Uses of $PEACH

    Auctions for Whitelists and Non-Farm Transactions

    Restitution of products

    Acquisition of PFP animations

    The Team

    The team at Monkey Kingdom NFT consists of four moderators, a founder, a chief technical officer, a chief marketing officer, and a metaverse architect.

    • Alice Wong (awkwardalz) - CEO / Lead Developer
    • 0xburp - CTO / Lead Developer
    • sobenito - COO
    • paprika - Marketing Manager
    • Kriz - Solana Advisor

    Who is Steve Aoki?

    Steve Aoki, a prominent supporter of the Monkey Kingdom NFTs, is a well-known Grammy-nominated American DJ and successful record producer.

    Due to his Japanese ancestry, the Asian-inspired collection grew dear to him, and he saw an opportunity to place Asians on the global NFT map by supporting the "vengeful" monkeys.

    In addition, he is the founder of the Steve Aoki Charitable Fund, which donates to humanitarian aid efforts and medical research.

    Roadmap of Monkey Kingdom

    • Q4/2021:

    Money Kingdom launch

    • Q1/2022:

    MK x Ambush collab

    Sotheby’s and Phillips auctions

    • Q2/2022:

    Stake to earn $PEACH

    MK x Ambush-shirt redemption

    $NFTU Alliance launch

    • Q3/2022:

    MK x Ambush Hoodie redemption

    Monkey legends collaborative game and alpha platform

    • Q4/2022:

    Kingdom rises


    That is all about the Monkey Kingdom NFT project. If you want to learn more about Monkey Kingdom NFT, you can access these links below.





    Common Asked Questions

    What are the royalties of Monkey Kingdom NFT?

    There is a 15% tax on paper hands.

    A part of the royalties will be donated to charity. The royalties are primarily used to cover marketing and operating expenses. In the future, we intend to cut the 15% royalty.

    What are monkey legends?

    Monkey Legends (Gen 3) is the third collection of 10,000 NFTs on the Ethereum network that is fully configurable and Metaverse-ready. The exclusive whitelist minting took place on April 15, 2022. Monkey Legends has an ongoing connection with Kingdomverse and can be utilized in their metaverse as an avatar or character. Monkey Legends collaborated with game companies to launch the mobile game Defend the Kingdom in the third quarter of 2022. - New NFT Marketplace Project

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