Road to the FiFa World Cup 2022 with La’eeb NFTs Collection

    Nov 11, 2022

    FIFA World Cup 2022 is coming. Millions of passionate hearts are heading towards the most exciting football festival on the Earth. Immersed in this wonderful atmosphere, La'eeb NFTs Collection - NFT is inspired by the prestigious gold championship trophy, is a great gift for football fans around the world.

    Let’s embrace the World Cup spirit with La’eeb right now.

    What is the La’eeb NFTs Collection?


    La'eeb NFTs Collection is inspired by Qatar 2022 World Cup mascot and the prestigious golden trophy. However, it is unique that each NFT is colored with participating countries' flags. Therefore, owing La'eeb NFTs collection, you are showing us your support for your favorite teams and wish them a great victory. Through these NFTs, you can easily spread your world cup spirit to the community and other soccer fans. In some way, these efforts can inspire and motivate football stars to fight, then help them remain calm and confident and fight their hardest for national pride.

    La'eeb NFT will have 32 NFT models representing 32 competing teams, each team will also have its own 32 NFT models. Total supply is 10,200 NFTs, divided into 2 levels are rare (include 13 teams) and common (include 19 teams). The number of NFTs for teams of the common level is 400 NFT, while for the rare level is 200 NFT.

    The general public can mint up to 5 NFTs at a cost of 5 MATICs per NFT. La'eeb NFT will be minted on NFTciti in three rounds: OGs (10%), Whitelist (80%), and Public (10%). The Whitelist stage & the Public stage of the launch started on Nov 18, 2022.

    Register for Whitelist at LINK

    Rare level

    Rare level includes the strongest teams, promising to be the names for the 2022 World Cup championship such as: Argentina, Brazil, France, Germany, England, ...

    Each team in the Rare Level will own 200 NFTs.

    Common level

    Common level includes teams like Korea, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Costa Rica, Tunisia,...

    For Popular Level, each team will own 400 NFTs.

    Champion Lucky Wheel


    With the desire to bring many attractive rewards to our users, we will open Champion Lucky Wheel. This is a privileged and exclusive benefit for La'eeb NFT owners.

    We will open a wheel of fortune for NFT holders of the 2022 World Cup winning team. Prizes include:

    • 01 First prize: 100$
    • 01 Second prizes: 50$
    • 05 Third Prizes: 10$

    If you are a football fan and have a strong passion for the sport of kings, the World Cup is a great opportunity for you to show your sportsmanship. What are you waiting for, let’s own the NFTs of your favorite team in the La'eeb collection and show your love for your heroes. Accompanying La'eeb NFTs Collection to run to Qatar World Cup 2022 stadium.

    Get more information about La’eeb NFTs Collection:

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