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    ByDua Luoi
    Nov 12, 2022

    On October 18, Laeeb Collection made his formal debut in reaction to the World Cup atmosphere that had been created. This is one of the most eagerly awaited NFT collections at the moment. This NFT set has a strong sports storyline; let's learn more about the distinctive features of this collection with Market247.


    What is the Laeeb Collection?

    The prestigious gold trophy and the mascot for the Qatar 2022 World Cup served as inspiration for La'eeb. Each of the 32 participating teams in the La'eeb NFT will have its own 32 NFT models, making a total of 32 NFT models in the competition. 10,200 NFTs are available overall, with 13 teams at the uncommon level and the other 2,000 at the common level (including 19 teams).

    What's special about Laeeb Collection?

    Motivation towards the World Cup

    The golden cup's form served as the inspiration for the La'eeb NFTs Collection. The fact that each NFT is colored with the flags of the participating nations makes it special. Therefore, by owning La'eeb NFTs collection, you are letting us know that you are rooting for your preferred teams and wishing them success. You may simply share your World Cup excitement with the neighborhood and other soccer enthusiasts by using these NFTs.

    Encourage the teams to compete

    Users can choose to buy NFT of their favorite team.

    In some way, these efforts can inspire and motivate football stars to fight, then helps them remain calm and confident and fight their hardest for national pride.


    There are now just 10,200 NFTs in use. Even if the number seems enormous, the entire globe considers it to be relatively little. Only 0.000125% of the world's population—roughly 8 billion people—can acquire NFT Laeeb.

    In addition, the collection is rather limited and some of the items are more valuable since they are rarer.


    Each NFT is painstakingly and brilliantly illustrated. Additional flags of the nation whose team competes in the World Cup are drawn on each figure. Users who possess Laeeb have the right to create their own avatars using Laeeb's image.

    Numerous rewards for champion NFT holders

    Holders of the Champion NFT will be eligible for random awards.


    • 1st: 100$/holder
    • 2nd: 50$/holder
    • 3rd: 10$ each for 5 holders

    Also, Champion NFT holders will receive 50% creator fees from Laeeb NFT Collection.

    Why must mint Laeeb Collection?

    Owners of the Laeeb Collection will profit greatly from Laeeb's attractive policies.

    Attractive utility policy

    For OGs

    After attaining level 3 in Discord, OGs will especially get a free mint 1 NFT and several other benefits. Additionally, if you are OGs, you will have the option to join Laeeb's exclusive community dedicated to exchanging free mint NFT.

    For Whitelist

    Members in the Whitelist will likewise get a mint 1 NFT absolutely free.

    For Public Mint

    Up to 5 NFTs can be minted by the general public at a price of 5 MATICs each.

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    Q&A - Laeeb Collection

    When is the minting date? Three rounds of minting La'eeb NFT will be placed on NFTciti: OGs (10%), Whitelist (80%), and Public (10%).

    On November 18, 2022, the launch's Whitelist and Public stages officially began.

    Where are the NFTs going to be sold? NFTciti will conduct the La'eeb NFT sale. All NFTs will be listed on markets like Opensea when they have all been issued.

    How can I get a whitelist?

    Whitelist operations and airdrops will be used in La'eeb. All you have to do is follow NFTciti on Twitter and join the Discord community. As soon as there is a change to the whitelist, we'll let you know.

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