How to add Cronos to Metamask in 3 steps -

    ByDua Luoi
    Aug 13, 2022

    How to add Cronos to Metamask? This post will present a step-by-step tutorial for integrating MetaMask with the Cronos blockchain.

    You will learn about MetaMask, Cronos, and how to integrate Cronos with MetaMask in this tutorial.

    About Metamask and Cronos Blockchain

    Let's first learn about Blockchain and Metamask before understanding How to Add Cronos to Metamask

    What is MetaMask?

    Users can connect with the Ethereum blockchain using the ConsenSys-owned cryptocurrency wallet MetaMask, which is accessible as a mobile wallet and web browser extension. MetaMask can be used as a crypto gateway to connect to different blockchains besides Ethereum.

    The most well-known Ethereum-based wallet, MetaMask, hit the milestone of 21M Monthly Active Users in November 2021. Company later raised $450M in a Series D financing, valuing it at $7B, in March 2022.

    Important attributes of MetaMask include:

    • An intuitive user interface.
    • Simple interaction with other Dapps that are supported.
    • An in-app DEX aggregator that enables users to natively trade ERC20 tokens.
    • Password holders are the owners of the data.

    What is Cronos?

    Parallel to the Chain, Cronos is an EVM-compatible sidechain. In that it transitioned from a CEX to a blockchain, Cronos Chain is somewhat comparable to Binance Smart Chain. Currently, Cronos is powered by Ethermint, an Ethereum-compatible PoS chain, and operates on a Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus method.


    The Cronos blockchain uses CRO as the native token, serving as the gas fee (the fee you need to pay to the network).

    Highlights of the Cronos blockchain:

    • EVM-compatible: Ethermint enables Cronos to support any Ethereum-based DAOs, Dapps, or smart contracts.
    • Scalable: Cronos' TPS is more than Ethereum's. Therefore, it is quicker and less expensive to execute smart contracts on Cronos.
    • Interoperable: IBC, a protocol that enables communication across blockchains, will assist Cronos in connecting to the Chain and other chains that support IBC, including Cosmos Hub, Osmosis, Terra, Injective, and others.
    • Easy deployment: Users can swiftly deploy goods on the Cronos network for any purpose by following the deployment guidelines.

    Because Cronos is an EVM-compatible blockchain, MetaMask can be used to connect to it. Users can exchange tokens with Cronos Dapps like VVS Finance by using MetaMask.

    Above is the basic information about Metamask and Cronos, making it easy for anyone to understand how to add Cronos to Metamask efficiently.

    How to add Cronos to Metamask in 3 steps

    You may download Metamask for mobile devices (iOS and Android) and online browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Brave, and Edge.

    This article will introduce How to add Cronos to Metamask on the web browser, Chrome.

    Step 1 of How to add Cronos to Metamask effectively: Installing MetaMask Wallet

    Step 1 of How to add Cronos to Metamask effectively is Setting up MetaMask Wallet

    1. Visit
    2. To download the add-on, click "Install MetaMask for Chome".
    3. Add MetaMask to Chrome and make a wallet there.
    4. Access your MetaMask wallet online.

    If you successfully log in to MetaMask, your MetaMask will display something similar.


    You'll see this as the default user interface once MetaMask has been installed. Don't forget to keep the passphrase in a secure location so that, in the event that you forget the password, you may still access the wallet.

    Note: Never divulge or distribute your passwords or paraphrases with anybody.

    Step 2 of How to add Cronos to Metamask effectively: Connecting Metamask to Cronos

    MetaMask will establish the Ethereum blockchain as the default after logging in. We will lead you through the subsequent steps so that you can change to using Cronos on MetaMask.

    Select "Ethereum Mainnet" from the drop-down menu in the top left corner of the MetaMask interface, then click the "Add Network" button.


    You can add a blockchain network from the Settings page, which is accessible via the web. As we use MetaMask for the first time, we will manually add the Cronos Mainnet Beta. We simply transition from Cronos to other blockchains in later usage.


    Cronos Mainnet Beta:

    Click Save after entering the network information. Well done, you have successfully connected Cronos to MetaMask.

    Step 3 of How to add Cronos to Metamask effectively: Switching between blockchains on MetaMask

    Step 3 of How to add Cronos to Metamask effectively is MetaMask's ability to change between blockchains. You are first introduced to integrating Cronos with MetaMask in the earlier steps. If you'd rather connect to other blockchains, choose "Cronos Mainnet Beta" as seen in the image below.


    Above are 3 basic steps on How to add Cronos to Metamask effectively and efficiently.

    Disclaimer: This is merely a guide on how to add Cronos to Metamask; it is not a recommendation of cryptocurrencies or any specific business, service, or item. It doesn't indicate a trading recommendation beforehand.


    That is all you need to know about How to add Cronos to Metamask efficiently.

    Market247thinks the information will be useful to you on your cryptocurrency journey. Feel free to leave a comment below if you have any questions, and Market247 will assist you as soon as they can..

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    How to add Cronos to Metamask - FAQs

    Is Cronos cryptocurrency a wise investment for 2022?

    By the end of 2022, CRO prices are anticipated to buck the present trend and move closer to the $0.76 level, according to TechNewsLeader. "Cronos is a good long-term (1-year) investment," they claim. According to the website, the coin is now undervalued and has the potential to increase in value in the future.

    Why is MetaMask unable to connect?

    One of the main causes of the MetaMask extension's inability to connect to your ledger device may be that your network service keeps breaking the connection. Another cause for the delay in the extensions could be that your browser's cache hasn't been emptied in a while.

    Can MetaMask support CRO?

    Once you've decided on a network, you may send your $CRO to your MetaMask wallet and see your $CRO balance there. This is comparable to Cronos Network, which is Binance Smart Chain Network, and merely Binance Chain Network (being CRO Network).

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