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    Sep 20, 2022

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    What is Enjin Marketplace?

    Enjin was founded in 2009 by Maxim Blagov and Witek Radomski. Following a successful ICO that raised $18.9 million, Enjin established itself as a leading blockchain ecosystem developer in 2017. It built a suite of user-first blockchain products that allow anyone to easily manage, explore, distribute, and integrate blockchain assets. The much-anticipated Enjin Marketplace, powered by the Enjin Explorer and Wallet, was released in September 2019.

    Enjin Marketplace is built on the Ethereum network, and the company behind the marketplace also launched its coin in June 2018( Enjin Coin). Enjin, in addition to the NFT marketplace, provides several other products such as Enjin Network, Enjin Wallet, Enjin Mintshop, and so on.

    Enjin Marketplace in numbers

    • 10.3M: Tens of millions of Enjin Coins spent on digital assets.
    • 1.2B: Over a billion blockchain assets to discover and explore.
    • 3.2M: Over 3 million digital items traded via the marketplace.

    What makes Enjin Marketplace special?

    Enjin provides an ecosystem where users can get the resources, funding, and support to launch your dream NFT project. There are several benefits of adding a marketplace to the Enjin ecosystem.


    Enjin has no more risk of getting scammed by rogue traders. Users can buy and sell assets with full confidence.

    Unified experience

    Enjin is built with the UX that helps set Enjin apart.

    Ease of use

    Users can complete transactions without leaving your mobile device.

    Seamless searching

    In Enjin Marketplace, users can easily find on-sale assets and prices in one place.


    The system will inform decision-making and create stronger markets. Users do not need to add a new tab to their bookmarks because Enjin NFT marketplace simply runs on EnjinX and your Enjin Wallet app.

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    Enjin Token and tokenomics

    This section will cover information about Enjin's token and tokenomics

    Enjin Token Allocation

    There will never be more than 1 billion ENJ coins available. The proposed distribution of ENJ tokens is as follows.

    For its part, Enjin plans to sell 40 percent (400,000,000) of its tokens to early investors via a Simple Agreement for Future Tokens ("SAFT") offering or through its approved partners.

    Enjin will sell 40% (400,000,000) of its tokens to Crowdsale buyers, less bonuses given out during the presale. Before September 2017, all pre-sale tokens for the Enjin Coin had been purchased, and now just about 300,000,000 tokens are accessible to the general public.

    The corporation has set aside 10% (100,000,000) as an incentive for the community, beta testers, marketing partners, and strategic partners. The remaining 10% (100,000,000) will be allocated to the Enjin Coin Development Team and Advisors.

    Unsold Enjin Tokens & Team Vesting

    Unsold tokens in presale go into public sale. Team tokens are locked for the first 6 months and will be vested throughout 24 months total. Team members will be transferred 25% of their tokens after 6 months and 12.5% every 3 months afterward. The team list may be updated during the 24 month vesting period.

    Advisor tokens are locked for 2 months and distributed fully. Unsold tokens from crowd sale are closed for 6 months and will go into the Marketing and Partnership pool.

    Enjin Funding Allocation

    • 50% Development
    • 30% Marketing & Growth
    • 5% Security
    • 5% Legal
    • 5% Hosting & Infrastructure
    • 5% Contingency

    How to Sell NFTs on Enjin?

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    With a few taps of the screen, you can list any ERC-1155 asset in your Enjin Wallet for sale.

    • Select: Navigate to your Collectibles in your Enjin Wallet. If you've updated to the most recent app version, you'll notice a new "Sell Item" button under the details of each asset (this option can also be seen by clicking the three-dot menu). Press the button.
    • Enter listing information: Select the quantity to sell and enter the price in ENJ. The equivalent fiat value will be displayed below, or you can enter a fiat value by clicking on the currency icon. You must also select a sending (gas) fee.
    • Confirm: Confirm the details of the sale and list your assets. It'll be available for purchase on EnjinX soon! All assets you've listed will appear at the top of your Enjin Wallet collectibles page in the platform's "Marketplace."

    All successful sales will incur a 2.5% trading fee. Before you confirm listing an asset, this will always be marked.

    Users of Enjin can share their sale listings on social media directly from the wallet. They have the option to cancel or edit a sale at any time.

    How to Buy NFTs on Enjin?

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    Buying assets on Enjin Marketplace is simple, with scanning a QR code .

    • Select: When you've found an asset you like, click "BUY." The price and quantity will be displayed; decide how many you want to buy and click "Purchase" to proceed.
    • Scan: Complete your purchase by scanning the QR code with the Enjin Wallet (or click the button if browsing on your mobile device).
    • Receive: Your order will be sent directly to your wallet once payment is confirmed, making you the proud new owner of a gleaming ERC-1155 asset! Of course, transaction information will be easily accessible on EnjinX.

    When purchasing multiple copies of an asset, users can purchase assets from multiple traders in a single transaction. There is no need to conduct three separate trades to obtain three distinct tokens.

    Enjin Roadmap


    • Core Smart Contracts
    • Platform API
    • Mobile Smart Wallet
    • Minecraft Plugin
    • Java SDK


    • C# SDK
    • Unity SDK
    • Unturned Plugin
    • Mobile Smart Wallet Updates
    • PC Smart Wallet
    • Enjin Store Modules
    • Enjin Automations
    • Enjin Forum Integration
    • Token Manager


    • Unreal Development Kit
    • iOS Swift SDK
    • Android SDK
    • Virtual Item Trading System
    • PHP SDK


    • Enjin Mobile App
    • Payment Gateway Contract
    • Payment Gateway Framework


    • Subscriptions
    • TopList Contract & UI
    • Enjin Coin Community App

    Enjin Marketplace Team

    Enjin's team has expertise and experience in software engineering, marketing, blockchain technology, and business operations. We have a strong industry reputation and a long history of collaboration.

    Maxim Blagov is the CEO and Creative Director of Enjin. He is a Creative Director and visionary with 15 years of experience in creative direction, project management, and UX design. He is also an expert in developing concepts and strategies for large interactive applications, focusing on the video gaming industry.

    Witek Radomski is Enjin's CTO and co-founder. Witek has been in charge of Enjin's technical engineering for nearly a decade. He advocates for best practices in software design, security, and testing. He is in charge of implementing and integrating the Enjin Coin currency into the online gaming ecosystem.

    Josh Woelfel is a Full Stack Engineer at Enjin. Josh is a perfectionist and team leader with extensive full-stack development experience. He specializes in REACT, PHP, and JavaScript and has created numerous full-scale applications used by millions of Enjin users today. Pioneered the platform-wide transition to REACT.

    Vyacheslav Volkov is a C# / Objective-C developer and Java Technical Lead. Vyacheslav is in charge of the Enjin Android and iOS apps. Proven ability to design and build complex, versatile enterprise-level applications with optimal design and architecture.


    Hopefully, the article consolidates your understanding of Enjin Marketplace. Which features of Enjin Marketplace make you interested? Please share with us in the comment section below.


    What Enjin Marketplace focus?

    Enjin claims on its website that it has created 2.1 billion assets until now on its blockchain, powered by the Enjin Coin. The Enjin Marketplace currently has several projects available. This includes initiatives with Binance, CoinMarketCap, and Microsoft (Azure Heroes). On the first written evaluation (March 31, 2021), 287 projects were available on Enjin.

    Which payment methods do Enjin accept?

    There is no way to deposit fiat money on Enjin Market. You must need Enjin Coin for the market to function. Most cryptocurrency exchanges, including market leader Binance, offer the Enjin Coin for purchase.

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