What is DeadFellaz NFT? All You Need to Know about DeadFellaz

    Dec 07, 2022

    Since it was first released, Deadfellaz has quickly risen to become one of the most successful PFP NFT ventures now active in the market. The success of the NFT collection can be partially attributed to the efforts that were put in by the collection's founders, Betty and Psych. The collection is extremely well-liked within the growing community because it features a number of sub-collections and brand partnerships. Let's dig a little deeper into the Deadfellaz NFT project.


    What is Deadfellaz NFT?

    Deadfellaz NFT is a collection of zombie-related non-fungible tokens (NFTs) built on Ethereum. The project currently has 6,300 collectors, who are collectively referred to as "the horde." In addition, as of the time of this writing, the project has generated a total sales volume of almost 31.117 ETH up to this point, with a floor of 0.67 ETH (roughly $2,500).

    According to the data provided by CryptoSlam, the project didn't get off the ground until 2021, yet it has already generated around $99 million worth of secondary trading volume.

    The NFTs included in the collection is the result of a random generation from a pool of 300 distinct features. A Deadfellaz NFT is considered rare not because it possesses a large number of unique features but rather because it possesses a combination of rare traits.

    The many zombie and horror films that the collection's founders watched and enjoyed when they were growing up are the primary sources of creative motivation for the line. In addition, animation from the 1990s, streetwear, music, gaming culture, and gay culture were all influences on the artwork for this project. In the end, what emerges are cute tiny green zombies that, in a positive sense, are more endearing than they are terrifying.

    The fact that these zombies have no discernible gender is an important detail about them. When compared to the several NFT collections in the area that are dominated by men, this is a welcome and revitalizing difference.

    Why Are Deadfellaz So Popular?

    The active pursuits of the team and their dedication to the project are one of the key factors that contribute to the success of Deadfellaz NFT. Additionally, the likes of Reese Witherspoon, Steve Aoki, Lil Baby, and Pussy Riot are among the celebrities that have endorsed it, which has helped to increase its appeal. Gary Vee himself has just lately purchased a Deadfellaz NFT!

    The several conveniences that come with the ownership of a Deadfellaz NFT come up next. The initiative provides the collectors with a wide variety of additional benefits, including limited-edition merch drops, mini-games, and riddles, as well as relationships with some major businesses.

    DeadFellaz ‘s sub-collection

    One of the most special features of DeadFellaz NFT is its sub-collections.

    Betty Pop Horror

    During the Halloween season of 2021, Deadellaz released a new collection on Nifty Gateway titled Betty Pop Horror. It featured reinterpretations of famous horror icons from pop culture using Betty in 225 new frightening takes.


    Deadfellaz Infected S1

    Deadfellaz Infected S1 is a limited edition release that is only available in 169 NFTs and features 13 different "infected" Deadfellaz sets. As a contribution to the Halloween 2021 celebrations, these were produced in conjunction with the work of thirteen different artists. Artists such as Ghxsts, Cool Cats, Smoochies, Stephy Fung, and MarktheHabibi were among those who took part in the event.

    DeadFellaz Deadfrenz

    After a long wait, the project's companion collection, Deadfrenz, was released at the beginning of this year. There are a total of 13,000 Deadfrenz NFTs, each depicting one of 13 different animal species. A few examples of them are the tiger, the cat, the toad, the snake, the bat, and the bird. In January of 2022, all original Deadfellaz holders were given the opportunity to mint a free frenz.

    Who is behind the DeadFellaz?

    deadfellaz 2

    In August of 2021, the collection was introduced to the world by two unknown designers known only as "Betty" and "Psych." In point of fact, Betty is a well-known person in the NFT community, and she is referred to as the "Horde Mother."

    Because of their enthusiasm for NFTs, Betty and Psych, her husband, decided to start the band Deadfellaz. despite the fact that there were several other NFT projects, none of the other NFT projects could satisfy Betty.


    Overall, Deadfellaz NFT is one of the most exciting and constantly developing NFT initiatives currently active in the area. Hopefully, you have a better understanding of what it is and why it is so popular. You are now able to shop in secondary markets for your very own Deadfellaz PFP NFT project.

    Keep in mind that all information provided by Market247 is just a reference, not investment advice.

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    Common Questions

    How to Buy a Deadfellaz NFT?

    Your best bet, given that the Deadfellaz NFT collection is no longer available for purchase, is to look into secondary markets for a potential new purchase. There are a few decent choices available for this, including the leading NFT markets OpenSea and LooksRare.

    What is Deadfellaz Worth?

    The cheapest NFT in the collection will cost you about 9.3ETH, while the rarer NFTs will cost you much more. DeadFellaz #1054 cost 69.6 ETH. - New NFT Marketplace Project

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