What is DeGods NFT? All information about The Gods of Metaverse

    Nov 30, 2022

    Most bluechip non-fungible token (NFT) collections are usually animal avatars, but DeGods is an exception. As anthropomorphic Gods, they have forged their own path and are known to everyone through the good vibes and innovations they have contributed to the Solana NFT space. And today, this article will delve into information about the DeGods NFT project, about the gods of the Solana super universe.

    What Is DeGods NFT?


    DeGods is a deflationary Solana NFT project that features a digital art collection of 10,000 colorful, virtual gods, each with their own unique outfit. It has the highest trading volume of any NFT project.

    The collection includes unique outfits with unique attributes that determine their rarity level. Holders can examine the rarity of their DeGods NFT using the official rarity explorer or external rarity explorers.

    The advantages of holding DeGods NFT range from token rewards through staking to access to exclusive DeGods community opportunities. Access to the ecosystem DAO, as well as decision-making abilities.

    Why Are DeGods NFTs So Popular?


    DeGods NFTs may initially be compared to other popular NFT options, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Solana Monkey Business. These NFTs, on the other hand, stand out as being strategically advantageous in a number of key areas. Both BAYC and Solana Monkey Business have various monkeys generated by algorithms, but they are far more limited in supply than DeGods NFTs, which are deflationary — that is, the value will continue to rise due to the ability to burn DeGods. When a DeGod token is burned, it is no longer available for purchase. Instead, it's been upgraded to a DeadGod and is now extremely rare, adding a gaming element to this NFT collection.

    NFTs have been hyped in mainstream society in recent years through candy marketing, restaurant marketing, and other means. This Solana NFT project has also grown in popularity as a result of barrelDAO's specialized artwork on beer cans. Magic Eden sold a very limited supply of this community-owned and operated brewery's Solana Summer Shandy. Specifically, 333 cases of 16-packs were available for purchase. The cans feature popular NFT collections from the Solana NFT market, including DeGods, Okay Bears, and Solana Monkey Business, for which barrelDAO and others have obtained a special license.

    What's Unique About the DeGods NFT?

    Projects have emerged in record time in the ultra-saturated NFT space. With the continued offering of new NFT ventures, developers face the Herculean task of providing something exciting in order to attract investors' attention and, more importantly, money.

    The people behind DeGods appear to have found the right formula, as this project offers intriguing features that support and grow its value.

    DeGods NFT Burn

    DeGods was created as a deflationary asset, increasing in value over time for owners. "Burning" is one of the key methods they use to increase the value of their NFT assets.

    Paper Hands Bitch Tax

    Investors that sell their assets at the first indication of market turmoil, even if it means selling below purchase value, are referred to as "paper hands" in a negative way.

    Diamond hands, on the other hand, refers to investors who withstand pressure to sell even when market conditions alter. The theory is that whereas paper yields even with little effort, diamonds are formed under intense pressure.

    The DeGods NFT project team imposed a "Paper Hand Bitch Tax" to deter "paper hand" investors who could panic-sell, lowering the value of DeGods. DeGods NFT holders who sold their non-fungible tokens on secondary markets for less than they paid for them or less than DeGods NFT's floor price were subject to a 33.3% fine.

    Low-Value NFT Buyback

    Even while this was an important step in preserving the worth of the DeGods project, the team behind it wasn't willing to stop there.

    The Paper Hands Bitch Tax fees' earnings were placed in the DeGods' bank account. They were then utilized to buy and destroy the DeGods NFTs that were selling for the cheapest prices on the secondary markets. As a result, 535 tokens were burned, leaving less than 10,000 NFTs in circulation. NFTs for the project became extremely infrequent as a result.

    DeGods DUST Utility Token

    DUST is the Solana utility token that can be obtained only by burning NFTs or staking a DeGod NFT. DUST tokens allow DeGods NFT holders to earn passive income by staking their collections. This staking and burning process is what keeps the DUST token price

    Celebrity attention

    DUST is the Solana utility token, and it can only be obtained by burning NFTs or staking a DeGod NFT. DeGods NFT holders can earn passive income by staking their collections with DUST tokens. The staking and burning processes are what keep the DUST token price stable.

    DeGods Ecosystem Economy

    DeGods has a thriving ecosystem economy that is powered by $DUST SPL tokens. It is the DeGods ecosystem's native and utility token. DUST has a maximum supply of 33,300,000 units and an initial token allocation of 0. Tokens will only enter circulation through the burning and staking of NFTs.

    DUST, as a utility token, can be used to upgrade NFTs and generate additional revenue for DeGods holders.

    Token Information

    • Token Name: DUST
    • Blockchain: Solana
    • Token Type: Utility
    • Total Supply: 33.000.000


    How To Earn $DUST

    The $DUST SPL tokens power DeGods' thriving ecosystem economy. It is the native and utility token of the DeGods ecosystem. The maximum supply of DUST is 33,300,000 units, with an initial token allocation of 0. Tokens will only enter the market via the burning and staking of NFTs.

    DUST can be used as a utility token to upgrade NFTs and generate additional revenue for DeGods holders.

    Who’s Behind DeGods NFT?

    DeGods, like many other projects in the NFT space, is led by a pseudonymous individual who goes by the name "Frank," which is also the collective name given to the community of DeGods' ardent supporters.

    DeGods DAO

    Aside from its thriving economy, DeGods has a well-established decentralized autonomous organization that governs ecosystem activities and decisions.

    The DeDAO ensures the ecosystem's stability by providing funding for its token's liquidity pool, purchasing assets, and community development. The funding comes from a 9.99% marketplace royalty fee (6.66% for DeDAO and 3.33% for the project team) on DeGods.

    DeGod's DAO is made up of:

    The DAO Leads are the DeGods community's leaders. The Divine Council is made up of community leaders. The DeAlpha Team is the project's driving force. DeGod's DeDAO made an interesting move by purchasing a basketball team in rapper Ice Cube's Big3 basketball league.

    Roadmap Activities of DeGods

    DeGods Roadmap

    The DAO system also aims to integrate DUST into broader use cases, such as in-game tokens, legal tender on marketplaces, and crypto betting platforms. Also used as the primary purchase token for purchasing DeGod from the Dust Store.


    DeGods NFT has demonstrated itself to be a community-driven endeavor with impeccable standards. It has also established innovative mechanisms to provide its NFT holders with greater and better value. The fact that the DeGods NFT collection has maintained its high price and value, however, is indicative of its durability. Still, before investing in any collection, you should always conduct your own research.

    Here are some official information channels of the project:




    Common Asked Questions

    Where to Buy DeGods NFTs?

    Intent on joining in the DeGods experience and investing in the near future? Currently, DeGods NFTs are only accessible via OpenSea, Magic Eden, and Alpha Art. You will have full access to the DeGods Discord community after acquiring DeGods NFTs through one of these authorized channels. You may authenticate your assets and assess their rarity through our exclusive network of holders.

    How to Become a DeadGod from a DeGod? Ensure you have at least one DeGod and sufficient $DUST in your wallet before you begin.

    • Proceed towards the DeadGods portal.
    • Connect Your Wallet
    • Click the Transcend button - New NFT Marketplace Project

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