What is Art Blocks NFT? About the Popular Generative Art Platform

    Dec 02, 2022

    Do you know where you can find some of the most innovative digital art in the world? Art Blocks NFT is a fascinating digital art platform that serves as the primary platform for generative art NFTs. An autonomous system, such as a computer algorithm, creates generative art. So, what is Art Blocks NFT?

    In this article, we will take a quick detour to give a brief explanation of Art Blocks NFT


    An Overview of Art Blocks

    What Is Art Blocks NFT? Art Blocks is an Ethereum-based platform that provides collectors with programmable and unique generative art NFTs. Art Blocks NFTs are created using a proprietary generative minting technology, giving each piece a unique and random appearance.

    Artists upload their algorithms to the Art Blocks platform and specify the maximum number of editions that will be produced. In some cases, collectors can select a style from a menu of options to create the artwork. As soon as the artwork is purchased, it is minted in real-time on the blockchain, and the output is a randomly generated art piece as an ERC-721 NFT sent directly to the collector's wallet.

    The generative art process is also used by well-known NFT profile picture projects, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Crypto Punks, to randomize the creation of the 10,000 NFTs in their collection.

    How Do Art Blocks Work?

    After clearing “what is Art Blocks NFT?”, we will go to the mechanism of Art Blocks.

    Art Blocks is an Ethereum-based platform that offers programmable and one-of-a-kind generative art NFTs to collectors. Art Blocks NFTs are made with a proprietary generative minting technology, which gives each piece a unique and random appearance.

    Artists upload their algorithms to the Art Blocks platform and specify the maximum number of editions. In some cases, collectors can create artwork by selecting a style from a menu of options. The artwork is minted in real-time on the blockchain as soon as it is purchased, and the output is a randomly generated art piece as an ERC-721 NFT sent directly to the collector's wallet.

    Well-known NFT profile picture projects, such as Bored Ape Yacht Club and Crypto Punks, use the generative art process to randomize the creation of the 10,000 NFTs in their collection.


    Art Blocks Collection Tiers

    How many tiers do Art Blocks have? Artists can access three Art Blocks NFT collection tiers: Art Blocks Curated, Playground, and Factory.

    Curated Collection

    The first of the Art Blocks NFTs would be the Art Blocks curated platform. It is the top tier of Art Blocks for generative art NFTs, and only top-tier artists can create NFT drops. The NFT drops planned by top-tier artists could become part of the official Art Blocks collection.

    In the world of generative art NFTs, any project at this level has a distinct appeal. In fact, many Art Blocks projects at the 'curated' tier were relatively inexpensive to mint. However, the majority of them have multiplied in value by thousands of times.

    Chromie Squiggle, the first example of a curated NFT drop on the Art Blocks platform, demonstrates how the top tier of the Art Blocks project provides the foundation. The Chromie Squiggle collection allocated traits such as the rate of gradient change and the number of segments in each art using minted token seeds.

    Another important highlight of the curated NFT tier is the Fidenza collection, which was recently launched in the Art Blocks NFT project. It's essentially a versatile algorithm that focuses on creating curvy, vibrant, and completely random patterns. The Ringers series by Cherniak is another popular example of curated NFTs on the Art Blocks project. The Ringers employ various methods for wrapping a string around a set of pegs.


    Playground Collection

    When an artist's work is featured in the Art Blocks Curated collection, they can then place their subsequent works in the Playground section. If you like a popular Art Blocks artist but don't have the assets to purchase a Curated NFT, the Playground collection may be a better option. While the Art Blocks Curated section is thoroughly vetted, projects in the Playground section are not as thoroughly vetted. However, some basic rules must be followed in order for generative art NFTs to be added to the Playground collection. For starters, an artist can only release one project at a time. Artists who submit their work to this section are encouraged to try new things. Furthermore, if a specification changes after publication, the artist must reapply for the Art Blocks Curated collection before being able to join the Playground. Artists on the Art Blocks NFT platform are also required to wait one month before beginning a new project.

    Factory Collection

    Art Blocks has created a Factory section because it can be difficult for an artist to get their generative art NFTs into the Curated or Playground collections. So, what is the Factory Collection of Art Blocks?

    The Factory collection was created by Art Blocks for artists who do not want to wait for their work to be added to the Curated collection. This collection is also open to artists who have been rejected by the Art Blocks Curated collection. Factory projects can be launched quickly, avoiding the verification process required for Curated sets. The only requirement for generative art NFTs to be added to the Factory collection is that they be functional. The main disadvantage of joining the Factory section is that you cannot have art in both the Factory and Playground collections.

    Popular Art Blocks NFT Projects

    You can consider investing in a variety of popular Art Blocks NFT projects. Each project has its own unique characteristics. Fidenza, Chromie Squiggle, and Ringers are the main projects covered in this section.

    Fidenza by Tyler Hobbs

    Fidenza, created by Tyler Hobbs, is regarded as one of the most versatile collections created by an algorithm available on the Art Blocks NFT platform. While the Fidenza set's main focus is on structured blocks and curves, these objects can vary in organization, color, texture, and scale, opening up thousands of generative possibilities.

    The Fidenza collection debuted in November 2021 and currently includes 999 unique items. This is part of the Curated collection and has a floor price of 81 ETH, which is roughly $152,000 at the moment.

    Chromie Squiggle by Snowfro

    Chromie Squiggle, one of the earliest Art Blocks projects and one that Snowfro was responsible for developing, is now a part of the Curated collection and may be accessed there. This particular undertaking is what one may term "pretty uncomplicated," while also being exceptionally simple to recognize. It has a creation date of November 2020 and is made up of 10,000 individual parts. At the current exchange rate, one piece from this collection can be purchased for a minimum price of 9.39 ether, which is equivalent to a little over $17,000.

    Ringers by Dmitri Cherniak

    Ringers is an extremely one-of-a-kind NFT project that was created by Dmitri Cherniak. It is designed to display a string that has been wrapped around a set of pegs in an almost infinite number of different ways. The Ringers project features a multitude of options, some of which include the layout, the number of pegs, the colors, the orientation of the wrap, and the size. As a result, the pieces that you purchase may be entirely distinct from the units that other investors receive.

    This project began in January 2021 and consists of a thousand different components. It has a floor price of about 55 ETH and is a part of the Curated collection. At a price of 55 ETH, or somewhat more than $100,000 for a single piece.


    Notable Art Blocks Artists

    In the Curated Collection, more than 50 artists have already launched generative art NFTs, with none of these artists having more than one work in the collection. Approximately 30 of the artists who have released NFT sets in the Curated collection have also released sets in the Playground collection. The Factory collection includes works by nearly 150 artists. Jeff Davis, the Chief Creative Officer of Art Blocks Inc., is currently the most popular artist on the Art Blocks platform. Davis currently has the most Art Blocks NFT projects launched by any artist. Daniel Catt, another well-known artist, has launched five projects on the Art Blocks NFT platform, the most recent of which is centered on '80s pop.


    Art Blocks is an excellent platform for anyone interested in the NFT scene and generative art. Now that you understand what Art Blocks NFT is all about, you should be able to link your wallet and make a purchase without any problems.

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    Common Asked Questions

    Is there a place in Art Blocks where I can connect with other artists and chat?

    Users can interact with the Discord community. Art Blocks also holds weekly Office Hours. Artists can chat synchronously, meet the Art Blocks team, participate in artist development programming, and group critiques during this time.

    What exactly are Curated Art Blocks?

    Art Blocks formed a curation board to carefully select projects for our Curated Collection. The Curated Collection is a group of projects that, through technical innovation and aesthetic beauty, push the boundaries of Generative Art. - New NFT Marketplace Project

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